'Create the Future' Updates

Pop back regularly ... we'll be posting news of our progress over the Summer.

Just the last bit to go!

The demolition crew are nearly there.  The Warren has been exposed and inside the internal works are already underway. 

The digger is poised to demolish the last bit of the Unit.  Skips are filled ready to head to the recycling units and there is a little scratching of heads over an underground cable that appeared unexpectedly!

The girls now back in School have a safe path between the Anniversary Halls and Millennium Building which is patrolled by DBS checked security staff. The next step is creation of a roadway for the builders.  And then The 6 begins!

In the 5.9 (a moniker coined by the girls!) temporary accommodation the new bedroom furniture is being tried and tested!

More of the Warren revealed


Demolition is on track!

The diggers and the skilled building team are working their magic.  The Barbara Platt building and the Unit have nearly disappeared and we can see glimpses of the Warren behind.  

As the old rooms disappear we come one step closer to envisaging the new boarding bedrooms named after inspirational women such as J K Rowling, Dr Marie Stopes, Dame Millicent Fawcett and Malala Yousafzai rooms.  

If you'd like to be part of the community of support for The 6 and consider donating to 'name' a room, you can find out more here.  You really can 'Create the Future' - who knows what our young women who'll experience The 6 will become.

The garden disappears

In readiness for the demolition the pond and statue disappear.  Not long now ....


A Glimpse of The Warren

As buildings start to be demolished there's a glimpse of The Warren between the buildings.


Moving ahead

The site gets clearer by the day ...

The site is being cleared

Bit by bit .... under clear blue skies ...


Instant impact!

The diggers have arrived and been busy.

A West Block Home Economics and RE Room are no more!

Meanwhile behind the camera, IT cables and fire alarm cables are being laid to connect to the Millennium Block, the Warren and The 6.

The 6 build begins

11th July end of term .... 16th July the demolition crew move in!

The Unit and Barbara Platt buildings have served their time, the diggers arrive on the 16th July to begin the journey to realise The 6 - our exciting modern new boarding accommodation and social space for day girls and boarders alike. 

Demolition will take 8 weeks, there is a big team and there will be lots of activity - keep popping back to see pictures of progress.

If you'd like to find out more about what The 6 will offer our Sixth Form girls click here.

If you'd like to support The 6 and be recognised in a room named after an influential woman, click here.


Leavers make their mark on 'Muck Up Day' 2019

Sixth Formers celebrate their last ever day of School!

Sixth Formers got the chance to 'decorate' their former home - The Unit and the Barbara Platt building.  With spray cans at the ready they made their mark!