Curriculum - AS/A Level

Examination Board: OCR

Why study Religious Studies?

Does God exist? Why is there evil and suffering in the world? Does science fatally challenge belief in God? How do we decide between right and wrong?  What is our conscience and are we really free?  If you have ever wondered about the answers to questions such as these, then Religious Studies is the subject for you! When you study religion, you study what people live for and what they die for; what they love most and what they hate most; how they make sense of the world and how they shape the world.

The world urgently needs more people who are good at thinking about religion. For good and for ill – globally, nationally and locally – religion makes a difference to the world. It makes a difference to politics, to society, to families, to education, to culture, and to economics. Religion is too important and too powerful to be left to the large number of people who don’t think about it. We invite you to become one of the people who think deeply and intelligently about religion.

Course Content

  • Philosophy of Religion: Arguments for the existence of God; challenges to God’s existence and the problem of evil, the nature of God and Religious Language
  • Ethics:  a study of ethical theories, for example, Natural Law, Kant and Utilitarianism, and applied ethics, for example, medical ethics and sexual ethics and business ethics. The nature and role of conscience in ethics. 
  • Developments in Christian Thought: Human nature, death and the afterlife, the nature of revelation, religious pluralism and society, feminist theology, liberation theology, religion and the challenge of secularism.


AS Level: 3 x 1 hour 15 mins each paper
A Level: 3 x 2 hours each paper
There is no coursework