The Value to a Day Girl of being in a Boarding School

St. Catherine’s has been a day and boarding school since its foundation in 1885 and both communities come together as one, strong whole.

Day girls, as part of a School which also has a boarding community, enjoy:

  • opportunities to be occasional boarders as part of a boarding community of 170 girls across four age-delineated Houses
  • Housemistresses experienced in the care of ‘their’ age group.
  • Friends from around the world.  We have 26 nationalities in our school community.
    • The perspectives and experiences of a global community enrich your lessons
  • A School that is open 24/7! We don’t close; the lights are never off!
    • If your parents are running late at pick up you can join the boarders
  • A far broader and wider extra-curricular programme, typical of a full boarding School, not found in a day School:
    • Clubs and Activities run till 5.30pm.
    • Weekend play and Orchestra rehearsals are the norm.
    • Sporting fixtures see Saturday full of activity.
  • A professional medical team who care for the whole community in school or on call 24/7
    • There is a large Health Centre in case you need care.
  • The option to move into the boarding community at Year 9 or in ‘The 6’
  • The option of ‘occasional’ boarding:
    • If you are particularly busy with a School play/training for a sports event etc or
    • If you parents are away/overseas for work or pleasure
    • If your parents are called away to manage a family emergency with a relative
    • With resident staff who are subject specialists to assist with Prep!

Boarding adds a homeliness to the St Catherine’s community which is hard to describe but ensures that the School has, in the words of a parent recently, "the feeling of a village, not an office block."   To find out more about boarding click here