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Telephone:  01483 899709

The School uniform has to be obtained from the school shop on site at St. Catherine’s School. It is situated in the Business Centre and can be accessed via a path to the left of the Business Centre building.

Regular TERM TIME opening times:

  • Monday – 8.30 – 4.50 pm
  • Tuesday – 8.30 – 2pm
  • Wednesday – Closed
  • Thursday - 1pm – 4.50pm
  • Friday - 1pm – 4.50pm

HOLIDAY opening times:

The School Shop is not open during school holidays, apart from the Summer holiday in preparation for the new school year.  In the summer time (July - August) the school shop is open by appointment only so please email to book an an appointment:


Boarders’ parents may contact the School shop by email, or give their daughter’s housemistress permission to sign off requests for items which can be purchased at the shop and then be charged to their termly accounts. 

Uniform Lists


PTA Second Hand Uniform Shop

PTA Second Hand Uniform Shop

You can buy, sell or donate St. Catherine's senior school uniform, sportswear, dance wear, school and sports bags, lacrosse sticks, lacrosse goggles, boots, trainers, tennis rackets and more via the Senior School Second Hand Shop. 

Opening Times

During term time we are open

  • Tuesday 8.30-9.30am (Prep School volunteers)
  • Tuesdays 4.10 to 5.30pm (Senior School volunteers)
  • Fridays 2.30-3.30pm (Prep School volunteers) and
  • Fridays 3.45 to 4.45pm (Senior School volunteers)

Opening times during summer holidays 2020 will be published here. 

Please get in touch if you need a special opening to suit your schedule both during term time and holiday periods. 

Buying items

New stock appears in the shop weekly and you can register your interest to find something that is not yet in the shop.  There is a changing room available for use and please note that it is not possible to exchange / return an item once bought.  Payments can be made via cash, cheque or by adding to the school bill, unfortunately we cannot currently take card payments. 

selling / Donating items

If you wish to sell, or donate uniform items there is a large, weatherproof box situated outside the Second Hand Shop. You don't need us to be open to deposit your items. Pop them  - with a note of your family name - in a bag and leave them in the deposit box anytime, it is stored to the left of the stairway. If leaving a significant quantity, or items such as a lacrosse stick, please text beforehand. All items for sale are left at owner’s risk. 

If you wish to SELL, please ensure you leave your seller's details in the letter box above the deposit box - this is to include your daughter's name, year group and house as well as a list of the items which you have deposited with your family name in the deposit box. Please complete and print out the form below and pop it into the letter box. You do not need to leave your details, if you wish to donate the sale proceeds to the PTA.

Any bags or items left without details are presumed PTA donations with 100% sales proceeds benefiting the school. When selling, you receive 60% and the PTA retains 40%. Payments are made to your school bill, quarterly in arrears as items sell. If your daughter is permanently leaving the school and you wish to sell, do let us know that she is a 'leaver', you will receive cheques at the end of the school year following her departure.

Only good quality and clean uniform is accepted. The better the condition, the higher the price achieved. The shop reserves the right to dispose of uniform which is unfit for sale. We typically sell our best quality items at half of the 'new price' and discount according to condition. The new style blazer is the exception as they are in such demand and currently sell for £60 in best second hand condition (£90 when new). The white shirts worn by the girls for winter are sold for £1 each, therefore they are received in solely as PTA donations.

Older, discontinued uniform is also accepted. If there are discontinued items we can sell, the proceeds go to the PTA not to a seller. Most discontinued uniform is stored and eventually donated to our sister school in Nairobi, some is made into bespoke cushions or recycled in other ways via clothing/textile charities.

Any items put in for sale revert to PTA donations if they remain unsold for 12 months. If an item remains unsold after 2 years, it will be sent to our sister school in Nairobi or to a material recycling scheme. Our aim is that no uniform reaches landfill.

Second Hand Donations (Excel)

Second Hand Donations (PDF)



The ski sale finished in April 2019. We have stored a huge amount of ski jackets, ski trousers, fleeces and base layer tops and bottoms in the shop and we aim to sell them for you next school year 2019/2020 with the usual margin of 60% to you and 40% to the PTA. If such items won’t sell next school year, we will assume that you donate them to the PTA and try to sell them for a 100%-PTA benefit in winter 2020/2021.

All other items which we have in store, like low price items (socks, hats, gloves, shoes, goggles, sunglasses) and bulky items (snowboards, helmets), we will sell as 100% PTA-donations later this academic year 2019/2020.


The next ski sale starts after half term in October 2019 and runs until Easter holidays 2020. 


The Second Hand Shop is run by a team of volunteers. If you have a few spare hours each term/half-term and would like to get involved, please get in touch.

Donations of hangers would be greatly appreciated.

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