"We have watched our daughter meander through the senior school, quietly picking up and storing small confidences along the way. ‘Meander’ maybe isn’t a good description, time has flown and suddenly we are almost at the end of L6, and goodness what a year.  It has been an absolute joy to watch her find her feet this year and alongside many beautiful characteristics, the seed of self-confidence has taken hold. It is as though she has now gathered all those little moments and thrown them in the air whilst shouting ‘ta-da, here I am!"

Current parents, Mr and Mrs Cookson 2022

"St Catherine’s greatest strength is its ability to bring out the best in each girl in her own way, by seeing and appreciating what makes them unique and amplifying it."

Prep School parent, Frances Cushway 2021

"At St Catherine’s Prep school the girls are not only taught academics, but also confidence and a strong sense of community. The range of sports, clubs, trips and other activities gives them a huge number of amazing opportunities in a friendly and encouraging environment. Importantly all of this takes place with a real sense of fun – they enjoy what they do at School and come home smiling and excited every day."

Prep School parent, Mrs Cardy 2021

"Our third child is due to start PPI and we are confident that St Catherine’s will offer her the same guidance, security and fun during her prep years as both her sisters enjoyed. St Catherine’s offers the girls a strong sense of community and encourages a ‘I can’ attitude. We would strongly recommend the school to other parents."

Prep School parent, Dr Mallory 2021

"My daughter has thrived since being at St Catherine’s and this is all thanks to the amazing support of an amazing team.  Any new family can rest assured they will have a well-rounded, strong, independent daughter showing kindness and thoughtfulness.  And one able to thrive as an individual in an environment where their own strengths are always embraced."

Prep School parent, Mrs Blanche Koche 2021

"We are grateful to St Catherine's for instilling such a strong sense of self-belief in a lady at such an early age. "

Senior School parent, Mrs T Epshteyn 2021

"For my part I am so grateful that she is so well cared for by you and that she is noticed and is therefore finding herself. Thank you so very much."

Senior School parent, Mrs McMonigall 2021

"My daughter has totally absorbed herself in, and loved, school life and its myriad of opportunities. She has grown in confidence, made life-long friends, been able to make the most of her abilities and discovered many new interests through being encouraged to “give it a go” – a luxury that many schools are simply unable to offer. "

Senior School parent of 2021 Leaver, Mrs P 

"The school encourages my daughters to look beyond what they think they should do, to what they could do if they set their minds and hearts to it."

Senior School parent, Mrs Thompson 2021

"Girls have an identity, an empowered sense of being but not an arrogant approach, the girls are so supportive of each other it creates an environment where they give it a go, the pastoral care is second to none."

Senior School parent, Mr B Webster 2021

"Whilst the school produces exceptional academic results, my experience is that it is achieved through encouragement and support from the staff and the focus on an all-round educational experience, including extra-curricular activities and fostering a sense of community, surpasses the desire for just achieving academic results."

Senior School parent, Mrs Waghorn 2021

"The school’s greatest strength is the sense of confidence it imbues in its pupils.  St Catherine’s girls leave the school with a sense that there is nothing they cannot do or achieve if they put their mind to it.  Whether in sport, studies, music or drama they are taught to aim high and believe in themselves." 

Senior School Parent, Mrs Thompson, 2022

"The pastoral care is excellent … the school has supported our girls every step of the way.  They are continually looking out for them and the communication by their form tutors, head of house, and tutors has been invaluable in making the girls feel safe and looked after. " 

Senior School Parent, Mrs Strode, 2022

"All the boarding housemistresses and personal tutors provide my daughter with excellent pastoral care. As a result my daughter considers her boarding house as her second home getting on with both fellow boarders and day pupils alike." 

Senior School Parent, Mrs Chan, 2022

"Having been out of the school for so long (due to pandemic restrictions), Oliver! was a much needed reminder of how much we love the school." 

Senior School Parent, Mrs Brown, 2022

"St Catherine's has been the perfect place for me, I've grown up and I'm happy to say that I'm proud of the person I have become and I couldn't have got here without the school, the teachers, the friends, the opportunities and your constant support."

Alumna, Juliette West, Year of 2020

"I remember throughout my time at St Catherine’s we would often have courageous and inspirational people come to talk to us. I never felt like the sort of person that would be so adventurous and brave, but the point of those talks was not to get us all to become dare-devils and explorers, but to give us the courage to do what was in our hearts."

Alumna, Katherine Adams, Year of 2005


"Most of the privilege I have and continue to experience is because of my education at St Catherine’s. It has taught me to be a friend, a hard worker, a team player, a leader and most of all the confidence to be whoever I want to be.  Thank you for providing and continuing to provide an education for girls to be the very best that they can be, in whatever path that they choose."

Alumna, Suzie Lowe, Year of 2015

I managed become national champion in both the Optimist and 29er class, the latter of which I am the only girl to ever win, to which I credit the self-belief and confidence gained from St Cat’s and the advice given by the many inspirational speakers we heard from at school.”

Alumna, Emily Mueller, Year of 2021