Prep Virtual Tour

Let me in straight away! 

Click on the image to the left to access the virtual tour. 

How to look around St Cat's


Tour / Model / Plan Mode – this is the most important button to help you get around.  Click on Tour Mode and you can then move your mouse to progress forward into rooms, turn, move back etc.  Within the Tour you’ll also see Hotspots - these are signalled by a St Catherine's logo and they'll take you into other areas of the School site.   Always return to Tour Mode to ‘walk-through’ the Prep School.

Hotspots - look for the St Catherine's logo it will guide you to another area of School.

Room Chooser Mode – at the bottom left you see a button with two rectangles - this allows you to hop straight from the Reception to the Art Room or from the Library to the Music Room.  See the picture below.  Click on a Room in the Room Chooser to travel through the School or head back to a Hotspot to move into a different area of the School site.  
Model Mode – click on the far left 3D cuboid button for a doll's house view  – this let’s you see inside all the classrooms with the perspective of height.   From here you can see the School without walls! Go back into Tour Mode to move through the space using your mouse.  
Plan Mode – click on the far left icon ‘Tour/Model/Plan’ and you will see our floor plan.  Again you can move between floors. Go back into Tour Mode to move through the space using your mouse.
Floors -  On both Model and Plan mode you can also move between floors in this view by clicking on the Toggle icon on the left next to Tour/ Model/ Plan Mode button.  
Full Screen Mode – if you want to see the whole space, without the Room Chooser options, click on the red button on the bottom right with arrows pointing outwards.  Click again to go back to the smaller view with Room Chooser to navigate.

We hope you enjoy the Tour and look forward to welcoming you in person as soon as we are able.
If you have any questions do call our Registrar, Sally Manhire on 01483 899757 or email
Thank you.