Our Boarding Houses

There are four Boarding Houses and these are the home 'address' and where they live, and are age-specific Houses organised by Year GroupsGirls are also a member of a School House, of which there are six, each including day girls and boarders.   The School Houses create a girl’s sense of belonging  to the whole school from age 11 to 18.  As a boarders, the girls have the benefit of two Housemistresses with specific roles, but who work together to educate and support your daughter.

The Boarding Housemistress will be a teacher who has a particular pastoral specialism with her given age group of boarders and is the touch point for boarders’ parents.  A teacher, but also a parental figure – with all that means about nurture, encouragement, and the occasional nudge into getting behaviour and organisation right – the 'BHM' – as we call them – is going to help your daughter to become a great citizen of her boarding house, to organise her life and gain independence,  complete all her studies and prep. properly, and encourage her in all her activities.   From a carefully structured programme in Bronte or Symes as you join boarding at 11+ or 13+ to the greater freedom to study in your room in Keller for GCSE, to the trust and freedom of the Sixth Form where the atmosphere is more akin to that of a university Hall of Residence, the four houses help the girls to develop to the point where they are ready to take university life and study in their stride.  It is an exciting journey of 7, 5 or 2 years, with girls joining us along the way.  However, the longer you are here, the more you can gain from the St. Catherine’s experience and while we welcome new girls at each of these stages, we warmly advocate for years 7 and 9 as the joining points to get the best from this School.