At St Catherine’s we are proud of our commitment to The Bright Futures Bursary Programme, which is our way of supporting girls who are financially disadvantaged but are full of potential. Individual and collective generosity ensures that talented girls can gain a first class education.  St Catherine’s is committed to funding Bursary students. We know that Bursary places change girls' lives and enrich the whole School environment. 

In years to come, the girls that you support through the Bright Futures Bursary Programme will make their own vital contribution to society, becoming one of a community of resourceful and talented female leaders. Whatever they achieve, it will be because you believed in them. You’ll help a girl to hold her head a little higher, focus on her studies and make the most of all that St Catherine’s has to offer her, in the knowledge that she deserves to be here. Her parents will watch her thrive and succeed, grateful for your financial support which will allow her to realise her potential.   And as a School community we all benefit both from the diversity that inclusion brings and the experiences that those girls who receive bursary support are able to share with the generations that follow them.

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"St Cat’s was for me a place of many firsts - the place where I first learnt to swim; to ride a bike; to sing and act with confidence. It has been the most remarkable place to grow up. I truly don't believe I would have become the person I am today, with the inspirations and dreams I now have, without the support of Bright Futures"
Kayla, Year of 2021 - Reading Primary Education at Winchester in 2022

Girls with Bright Futures

"I am immensely grateful for the bursary funding that I received from Upper 3 to Upper 6, as my education at St Cat’s has helped me make my dreams become a reality. I would love for other children to be given the amazing opportunities I got that were made possible by my bursary. "  Alumna of 2021

"As a teacher myself now, I am able to reflect and appreciate just what a special school St Catherine's is. The support, nurturing, guidance and great quality of teaching I received when I was there meant that I grew in confidence as a person and was able to go on and achieve my dream of being a teacher. My mum always did her best for me but being from a single parent family meant that without the bursary, the opportunities I gained from St Catherine's would not have been possible. The bursary really did change my life and I will be forever grateful." Georgia, Year of 2015, PGCE - Nottingham, Primary School Teacher in Surrey

“When circumstances threatened my ability to continue my St Cats education, the Bright Futures fund was there to support me. It allowed me to have a sense of stability and consistency while my personal life endured unexpected changes - for that, I am truly grateful to have received the gift of fulfilling my potential at St Cats."
Alumna of 2014 – now a Senior Material Flow Engineer, Amazon Robotics

"St Catherine's gave me everything I have now.  It taught me how to learn and how to think.  My potential was drawn out and I was encouraged to believe in myself." 
Andrea, Year of 2012, now a Junior Doctor at James Cook Hospital, Liverpool

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A Mother's Story

“When we heard that my daughter had been awarded a bursary to St Catherine’s we were at first disbelieving and then delighted. As a single parent and having worked in education for 15 years, I knew that she was being given the precious gift not only of a first-class academic education tailored for and around girls but also the opportunity to become part of a thriving and supportive lifelong community. 

Now seven years on, I can only reiterate what an amazing life-time gift has been given to her by the generous and caring donors who supporting the Bright Futures Bursary Programme. My daughter has totally absorbed herself in, and loved, school life and its myriad opportunities. She has grown in confidence, made life long friends, been able to make the most of her abilities and discovered many new interests through being encouraged to “give it a go” – a luxury that many schools are simply unable to offer. The wrap around activities ad pastoral support have enabled me to continue working without the pressure of having a child “home alone.” 

I feel sure that in the future she in turn will want to support and help other girls access such opportunities. She will always be a proud St Cat’s girl!” 

Mrs P, mother of alumna of 2021

Will you help give a girl a Bright Future?

If you would like to give a girl the chance to flourish at St Catherine's, you can give monthly to our campaign or you may choose to make a single gift. Some alumnae and parents choose to schedule an annual gift to the Bright Futures Bursary Programme.  Others choose to support a girl with a full year's fees. All gifts are valuable and collectively allow us to welcome bright girls with potential to St Catherine's, transforming her educational opportunities. By supporting the Bright Futures Bursary Programme you give a girl the chance to walk under the arches as generations before have done; to compete on the lax pitches and netball courts, representing their House or the School; to be part of the thrill of our annual St Catherine's Day celebrations; and to be inspired by lessons with engaging and committed teachers.  Your gifts to the Bursary programme will help a girl fulfil her potential.   Please contact to discuss your support.

Join an event and meet girls whose lives have been shaped by St Catherine's

From time to time we host small evening gatherings to give parents and alumnae the chance to hear more about giving to the Bright Futures Bursary Programme. At each event an alumna who has benefited from a Bursary place will share their story. If you would like to join us please do call Pippa Carte on 01483 899754 or email