The Art & MakerSpace Campaign

We invite you to Create the Future by giving to The Art & Makerspace Campaign. With your support we can extend our current creative hub, The John Palmer Centre, focusing on bringing the Creative Arts together. We need to raise £250k to contribute to the building which will be funded by your generosity, reserves income and loans finance.

In this extended creative space Textiles, Art History and Culinary Arts will join Art, Ceramics, Photography and Design Technology, including Computer Aided Design. In The Art & MakerSpace, the sharing of ideas and practical skills will become a natural and fluid occurrence. We are delighted that work is underway  and invite you to consider opportunities for your support to be recognised against either one of the exciting new spaces or as a member of a Creative Circle.   To find out more, click on Join Us On The Journey below. We look forward to celebrating the opening of The Art & MakerSpace in September 2022.