The Art & MakerSpace Campaign

We invite you to Create the Future by giving to the Art & Makerspace Campaign. With your support we can extend our current creative hub, The John Palmer Centre, focusing on bringing the Creative Arts together. In this extended creative space Textiles, Art History teaching and Culinary Arts will join Art, Ceramics ,Photography and Design Technology, including Computer Aided Design. Within a single building, the sharing of both ideas and practical skills will become a natural and fluid occurrence. We are delighted that Planning Permission for the Art & Makerspace has now been obtained and we invite you to consider opportunities for your support to be recognised against these exciting new spaces.  Work will start on the Art & Makerspace in Summer 2021, reaching completion in Summer 2022. 

The Benefits

  • A new home for the Creative Arts, enabling connected teaching from specialist teachers in a single hub
  • A place from which girls of all ages will benefit, whether as part of their Creative Arts rotation or as a chosen subject at GCSE and A Level
  • A large textiles studio equipped with separate sinks for exploring a range of hot and cold fabric dyeing  techniques
  • An ergonomically designed and fully equipped Culinary Arts studio 
  • A permanent exhibition space to showcase the work of girls of all ages
  • An extended Photographic Studio and darkroom
  • A dedicated Art History studio and library, promoting an examination and understanding of the broader aspects of visual culture
  • A dedicated Sixth Form Studio allowing space to work expansively
  • Space to host Artists in Residence to enrich teaching for all girls
  • Increased involvement in the Royal Academy Schools and Saatchi Gallery Programmes
  • Space to welcome University Art Departments and showcase MA courses
  • The chance to participate as a Surrey Open Studio

Why now?

  • We need space! The current Art centre was built for a three-form entry school and we have been four-form entry since 2006.
  • Textiles are inspired by fine art, photography and fashion are linked, design technology influences ceramics - the subjects connect and our spaces will too!
  • Photography shoots are spilling out into the main studio.
  • Digital photography and art present a completely new discipline since the original building was conceived and space is needed for our Apple Macs and IT tools.
  • Girls’ canvas sizes are restricted due to the display space – they want to 'go large'!
  • The Sixth Form ‘Shed’ for private art work is well-loved and well-used but is small and can be chilly.

How to Support

Join our Creative Circles

Celebrate the power of creativity and imagination by joining one of three Creative Circles -

  • Are you a resourceful Imagineer, visualising concepts and working with others to realise them? Join the Imagineer's Circle.
  • Or are you a Designer, imagining solutions which are both useful and beautiful?   Connect with the Designer's Circle.
  • Do you see yourself as a Creator, developing ideas and bringing them into existence? Be part the Creator's Circle.

Whichever Circle you choose to join, your gift will help us to create an environment in which self-expression, creativity and confidence will grow alongside a sense of individual identity. We are looking for donors to join a Creative Circle with a gift of £4000.

When you join a Creative Circle you will receive early notice of events and activities in the Art & Makerspace community; join us for gallery viewings; receive Virtual Studios and have access to Virtual Studios Live. Whether you choose to join us as an Imagineer, a Creator or a Designer we would be delighted to welcome you to the St Cat’s creative community where your support will ensure that girls enjoy the very best Creative Arts experience in a wonderful new space.

Support a Creative Space 

Naming Opportunities Donation Level Status
The Culinary Arts Studio £25,000 In Discussion
The Textiles Studio £25,000 Reserved
The Fine Art Studio £25,000  
The Sixth Form Art Atelier £25,000 Reserved
The Photo Studio and Dark Room £20,000  
The Design & Technology Studio £20,000 Reserved
The Ceramics Studio £20,000 Reserved
The History of Art Studio £15,000 Reserved
The Exhibition Space £20,000  


Join us on the journey!

We need your support to make the Art & MakerSpace a reality, and to create a vibrant new home for our exceptional Creative Arts teachers. Your generous gifts will make a real difference to girls of all ages with The Arts forming a significant part of the compulsory curriculum from Years 7-9 (Upper 3 to Upper 4). 

The total project budget is c.£1.5m and we need to raise £250k from the School community, alumnae and parents.  Our fundraising campaign has begun and we are excited that with community contributions we will be able to realise our vision for the Art & MakerSpace.  The timing of the build is dependent on financial resources and the commitment of donations in support will accelerate delivery.   Whilst the Coronavirus health crisis has had an impact our planned timings we hope to start work on The Art & Makerspace very soon. 

Get in touch

Pippa Carte, Development Director 00 (44) 1483 899754 


Get Creative!

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