Prep Science

The Wonder Lab

Opened 19th September by Space Scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE

Thanks to the generosity of a St Catherine's family, the new Wonder Lab is now open!  The girls have already enjoyed lessons on electric circuits and exploring the nature of materials: solids, gases and liquids.  As families took a look at the Wonder Lab they did so alongside 

Girls in Form 1 and up will have specialist teachers and lessons in the Lab but those in Pre-Prep will also use the new space for 'Explore' sessions.   

An inspirational space

The key benefits are:

  • Good visibility for the teacher of all girls!
  • Group experimentation and learning within a pod
  • Streaming of girls activities by ability
  • New digital interactive technology to aid learning

What's next?!

Our commitment to Science at St Catherine's continues with our vision to create The CATalyst in the Senior School.  We know the Wonder Lab will inspire the girls and ignite their imagination and we look forward to seeing them thrive in the Wonder Lab and continue their studies in The CATalyst!