Ideas will collide, interact and fuse as girls experiment and learn!

Our vision

A new 3-storey, flexible teaching space dedicated to maths,science, digital learning and independent research, where independent enquiry, lively discussion and strong student-teacher relationships flourish. 

Why a focus on science?

Our collective future depends on scientific advances - in healthcare, food and water security, energy, transport, AI, global finance systems and far more. Our world needs schools to provide exceptional women scientists to find solutions to current challenges. Academic disciplines must collaborate and integrate to enhance our pupils' creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, experimentation and resilience. 

Whatever their future jobs, our girls will need scientific literacy and imagination to become creative problem-solvers and informed critical thinkers in the 21st century.

Why now?

Though our curriculum is strong and teaching is excellent, we currently can't provide the space, facilities and infrastructure to which we aspire. Our science site was built in the 1960s for a school half the size of today. The arrangement of the labs is fragmented which limits synergies between the sciences, yet connectivity is critical to scientific discovery.  We need a well designed, adaptable learning environment to support modern teaching.

Participation and results in STEM subjects are consistently high. Over 65% of our girls study three separate sciences at  IGCSE, 58% study Maths at A Level and 51% a Science subject. Over 36% of girls go on to study a science related subject at University. Pupils and teachers deserve first-rate facilities to match this level of success.

The key benefits

  • State of the art labs, enhanced preparation rooms and equipment
  • Increased teaching capacity to develop greater collaboration and innovation
  • Study and tutorial rooms that encourage both independent study and group work
  • Hi-tech, sustainable and energy-saving building that minimises our environmental impact
  • A community lab and greater academic outreach to share our knowledge widely

What will it look like?

If you'd like to look at the plans you can do so here.

Join us on the journey!

We need your support to make The CATalyst a reality.  The total project budget for Create the Future is c.£25m and we need to raise £3m from the School community, alumnae and parents. Will you join those early supporters who have already helped raise £1.5m through philanthropic gifts? With your contributions we hope to start building in 2023 and complete The CATalyst by the end of 2024.  The Coronavirus global health crisis may impact our timings but we are absolutely committed to delivering this incredible new learning space for St Catherine's girls of today and for generations to come.  See below to find out how you too can make a tax-efficient gift to the Campaign.