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Will you Play Your Part and join us in celebrating Drama and Theatre Studies at St Catherine’s?

We are delighted, as part of our plans for the first stage of The CATalyst, to be able to redesign and reimagine the Middle School Drama Studio. This much loved and very well used space has served us well for many years, introducing girls of all ages to the principles and practices of Theatre Studies, as well as being the home to many happy hours of improvisation, devising and creativity.

The newly relocated space will be function as both a classroom and as a fully equipped drama studio, complementing the studio facilities in the Anniversary Halls. The space will allow girls to explore technical theatre production and stage management, as well as to present showcases of their work in a studio environment.

It is our ambition to raise ​£25,000 in support of Drama​ and Theatre Studies at ​St Catherine’s and we invite you to be part of our 'company' and join us on our journey! Will you make a gift of £250 to support Drama? Read about our Campaign below. 

Do you remember your own adventures in theatre at school, university or beyond? Do you relish the opportunity to escape into the world of a good play or film?

This is your chance to share with us the stories, plays and films which resonate with you. Are you inspired by Shakespeare's powerful women? Thrilled by the tension in film and stage versions of Lord of the Flies ? Moved by Tony Kusher's Angels in America? This is your chance to share with the girls the dramatic productions that have stayed with you long after the curtain fell or the cinema emptied. 

We will recognise your support of Play Your Part with a  poster on The Backdrop, displayed outside the new drama studio, which will share with the School community your passion for theatre. 

When you make a gift of  £250 to Play your Part you will be supporting the future of Theatre Studies and Drama at St Catherine's. We will ask you to propose a play which has particular significance to you or to your family.

As a generous supporter of the campaign you will be recognised on The Backdrop in the form of a poster featuring an image from your chosen production. Should you choose to, you can share a quote from the play which you find inspiring or thought-provoking . Mrs Grizzelle-Lang's choice is A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams from which she suggests as inspiration, "I don't want realism. I want magic" ; while Ms Wittert van Hoogland recognises the personal significance of her first production as a teacher at St Catherine's  by choosing "We are such stiff as dreams are made of" from Shakespeare's The Tempest.

You may chose to be recognised by name or to remain anonymous but importantly the texts which have inspired you will go on to inspire generations of girls to come. 

"I am so excited that our students will have access to a new drama space in which they can learn to design , direct and perform their own theatre."
Laura Grizzelle-Lang, Director of Drama

'That, for me, is the only real legacy: the idea that one has left a lingering trace in people's memories. In the end, that's all a director can hope to do.'
Peter Brook, Theatre Director

The role of Drama and Theatre Studies in the wider curriculum

Drama is an important part of the curriculum from PPI, all the way through to Sixth Form. It is used as a learning tool across the curriculum in all subjects, as an exploratory strategy to investigate concepts and to understand how others think and behave. At all ages, drama is a powerful tool to encourage the girls’ creativity, language skills, motor skills, and capacity for play. From Year 3 the girls have specialist Drama lessons and this continues into the Senior School, as a way of enriching the core curriculum. In Pre Prep, as well as Prep and Senior Schools, the girls share distinct moments of performance - not only as part of a 'company' but with their families as audience. 

Confidence, performance, presentation, collaborative working and creative thinking all spring from their lessons and transfer to all areas of their life in School. Our talented team of Drama and Theatre Studies teachers harness the girls' enthusiasm and deliver academic rigour to an increasing number of girls who chose to study the subject at GCSE and A Level. They would like your help to inspire girls in the new Drama Studio!

To find out more about this exciting opportunity to be part of the future of Theatre Studies and Drama at St Catherine's, or if you would like to make a gift of a larger amount, do get in touch. I look forward to hearing more about your own theatrical influences and to sharing them with the girls.

Jane Pink
Campaign Officer
+44 1483 899787