Help a girl fulfil her true potential

Throughout our history we have provided academic excellence for families with very restricted financial means by giving bursaries to talented young women. Individual and collective generosity ensures that talented girls can gain a first class education.  St Catherine’s is committed to funding Bursary students. We know that Bursary places:

- Change individual lives
- Help a girl fulfil her potential
- Enrich the whole School environment and its diversity
- Contribute to social mobility

"I was given a Bursary place and received an excellent education, where my teachers had the time to invest in me. There is no doubt that this has made a huge
difference to my life."  
Marta, Class of 2002

"St Catherine's gave me everything I have now.  It taught me how to learn and how to think.  My potential was drawn out and I was encouraged to believe
in myself."  Andrea, Year of 2012, now a Junior Doctor at James Cook Hospital, Liverpool

Find out more by clicking on the leaflet below and listening to Bea's story.   You'll also find stories of those girls and their families who have benefited from the generosity of past supporters of the Bursary programme. 

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A Mother and Daughter's story


"As a single parent who had been made redundant and was struggling to find work, I assumed my application for a bursary would be rejected. But, Rachel was offered a place. Here was the fresh start I wanted for my daughter. From the outset, everyone has been exceptionally kind and supportive. Soon after she started in St Catherine’s, it became evident my daughter had dyslexia. She has had ongoing help from the Head of Study Skills and her tutor and through perseverance and hard work learnt how to adapt and learn. Forever doubting her ability to measure up, her tears of joy on receiving her results in August this year, were testament to the combined effort of both my daughter and the unfailing encouragement shown to her by all in St Catherine’s. It is a delight to see how, with St Catherine’s help, she has grown into a more confident young woman who will be ready to take on the next stage of her life. Clare, Mum to Rachel

Being given the amazing gift of a bursary has meant that I am able to achieve the unimaginable. I was never made to feel any different to any of my classmates in any way and I was still allowed to have all the same opportunities without being singled out or made to feel awkward. This dedication and commitment to my learning, but also to me growing as a person, is something that I don’t think I would have had anywhere else. St Catherine’s has encouraged me to not limit myself and because of this and the continued support and guidance my AS and A level results so far have been better than I ever dreamt they could be. I cannot express how grateful I am for the gift of a bursary – it has honestly changed my life.
Rachel, Year of 2017

How you can support

If you would like to give a girl the chance to flourish at St Catherine's, you can give monthly or as a single commitment.  Some alumnae and parents choose to give annually to the Bursary programme.  The collective generosity of the School community allows us to transform a girl's educational opportunities and give them the chance to walk under the arches, compete on the lax pitches, be part of St Catherine's Day celebrations and be inspired by engaging and committed teachers.  Your gifts to the Bursary programme will help a girl fulfil her potential.   Please contact to discuss your support.

Join an event and meet girls whose lives have been shaped by St Catherine's

We are holding a series of small evening gatherings to give parents and alumnae the chance to hear more about giving to the Bursary programme. At each event an alumna who has benefited from a Bursary place will share their story. If you would like to join us please do call Pippa Carte on 014183 899754 or email

How to Support

Get in touch - call Pippa Carte 01483 899754 or email to discuss how you would like to support

Tax Efficient Giving

A gift of £1,000 made by a 45% tax payer will cost the donor £688 and be worth £1,250 to the School.   A gift of £5,000 made by a 45% tax payer will cost the donor £3,438 and be worth £6,250 to the School.  A gift of £20,000 made by a 45% tax payer will cost the donor £13,750 and be worth £25,000 to the School.  You can add your charitable donations on your tax return and claim back the tax. 

Gift Aid - Allows the School to claim an additional 25p for each £1 you donate from the Government at no additional cost to you, this makes your donation worth even more.

Matched Giving - check with your personnel department if they have a matched-giving scheme, this is where the employer matches employee donations to charity, thereby increasing your gift to the School.

Payroll Giving - this is where you give a gift to charity as you earn, it is paid before tax and national insurance and so is very tax efficient; your payroll department will provide a form if this is available.

Details for BACS payments

IBAN - GB09 LOYD 3093 7400 8623 08
Bank identification code (BIC) - LOYDGB21022
Account Name - St. Catherine’s School, Bramley
Bank name - Lloyds
Branch - 147 High St, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3AG
Sort Code - 30-93-74
Account  No - 00862308


Our Promise to you

St Catherine’s School Development are committed to high standards of fundraising, being open and honest, clear about our activities, respectful of you and accountable for the support you give us. We are a member of the Fundraising Regulator allowing you to give with confidence. Here is our Fundraising Promise.

We recognise that as a School with a large community we have a responsibility to be aware of vulnerable adults in our Association and Development activities. To find out more about how we manage this responsibility please click here. Should you have a concern in regard to fundraising please see our Complaints Policy here.

Your data, your privacy and being in control

We take your personal privacy very seriously. Our records are for use by the Association and for fundraising purposes. Communications might include publications, surveys, appeals and event marketing and may be sent by post, telephone or email. Rest assured we will never release your details to any third parties for use for marketing purposes. The School has a responsibility to clean our data which is done with a third party under a strict data agreement solely for this purpose. You are in control. If at any time you would prefer not to be contacted please do inform us at

Thank you to our Supporters


The Annual Fund, 2018-19
Dr Paula Atkins
Mrs P Brooks
Jill Cochrane

Mrs A Crowe
Mrs Alice Phillips
and an anonymous donor

The Hardship Fund, 2018-19
Mr M Annable
Mr G Beremovich
Mr P Jarvis
Mr M Large
K Marthaler
Rev N Morgan
Mr B Spektor
The Vega Family

An anonymous donor



The Bursary Fund, 2018-19
Mr & Mrs Bache
Ms Naomi Bartholomew
The Bateman Family
Ms Julia Blackstock
Mr and Mrs S Cater
Mrs Elizabath Chalwin
Mrs Penny Crouch - Governor
Mr B Epshtein & Mrs T Epshteyn
Mrs D Gauvain
Mr and Mrs Glenn
Carol Kemm
Ms S Knights QC
Miss V Povey
Mrs A Pymble 
Mr J Tippett - Governor
Mrs Gillian Wood
and an anonymous donor

Please note  We take every care to ensure that donor’s titles and names are reported correctly and that all donors have been appropriately acknowledged, either by name or anonymously if they so wish.  Should you note any errors or omissions please accept our sincere apology.   Your gift is most certainly appreciated and gratefully received. Please do get in touch to advise us of any concerns so we can correct our records accordingly.  

Thank you.

Please contact Pippa Carte, Development Director

We offer our most sincere thanks to all our supporters and legators

Supporters are presented alphabetically and we also note our thanks also to the nine donors who chose to remain anonymous.

  • Over 81 individuals and families have made contributions this year which has raised just over £584,101.
  • We value each donation highly and have taken great heart from the degree of increasing generosity of parents, alumnae, governors, teachers and staff.  Thank you.
  • To date over £1.2 in total has been generously donated or pledged to date to Create the Future – The 6, The CATalyst and The Art & MakerSpace
  • £454,177 has been given this year, and we have now reached 40% of our £3m target – the community support has been amazing!
  • £34,190 has been given to our Bursary Fund giving highly capable girls an opportunity to fulfil their potential at St Catherine's.  
  • A further £3,486 was added to the Head's Hardship Fund to be at the Head's discretion in the case of unexpected difficult family financial circumstances that might disrupt a child's education.
  • Over £21,000 was generously donated to The Soundscape, our appeal to refurbish the Prep School Music Room.
  • The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation have once again supported bursary places on the annual residential Jennifer Bate Organ Academy.
  • £750 was given to the Annual Fund and has supported the purchase of exceptional equipment for the School that has enriched the girls' learning environment.
  • A big thank you too to the PTA in the Senior School for their generous pledge of support to The 6 and to the Prep School PTA for their support of The Soundscape.
  • This year we have received a pledge of a gift in a Will and one gift in memory of a past staff member. We are indebted to such donors for their generous contribution towards securing the School's future. 

Thank you so much to our alumnae, parents, Governors, staff, past parents and staff, and of course local friends of St Catherine's for your incredible support.

Should you wish to discuss your support of St Catherine’s or make a commitment to the School, please do get in touch with: 
Pippa Carte, Development Director 
Telephone: 01483 899754


Create The Future Donors

Create the Future
Mr and Mrs Beabey
Mr John Blauth - Governor
The Carte Farthing Family
The Chan Family
The Fleming Family - in memory of Penny Fleming
Alison Graham
The Harlow Family
Brigadier Matthew Lowe - Governor
The Martin Family
Mr Peter Martin - Chairman of Governors
Dr Janet McGowan - Governor
The Panter Family
Dr Alison Paterson
The Pink Family
The Wong Family
The Waller Family
Mr and Mrs P Yung
The Senior School PTA
and six anonymous donors

The 6 
The Ahl-Chen Family
Mr and Mrs Appleton
Miss Naomi Bartholomew
The Chambers Family
The Chan Family
Greg and Sarah Chiappini
The Eric-Udorie Family
Mrs C Foord
Mr Gaunt and Ms Marciuk
Mrs Fiona Haywood
The Hobday Family
The Johnstone Family
The MacGregor Family
The Nixon Family
The Oyeleye Family
Mrs Alice Phillips
Veronica Povey
Mr and Mrs R Price 
Simon Roberts 
Mr P Wong and Ms L Chen
Ms Deannie Yew
and six anonymous donors

The Catalyst

Dr D M F Brown
Mr Richard Brown
Dr and Mrs Michael Jordan
Mr and Mrs Mallin-Jones - in memory of Dr V J Cowie
Prof Beverley McKeon
The McKeon Family
Mrs Elizabeth Tippett
The Wong Family
and four anonymous donors

The Art & MakerSpace
Karen, Helena and Isabella Farrell
The Llewelyn Family
The Panter Family

Soundscape Supporters

Thank you to our Soundscape Supporters

  • The Burns Family
  • The Brooks Family
  • The Crichton Family
  • Paul Carte Farthing Family
  • The Harlow Family
  • The Kemkers Family
  • Lesley McLaren
  • The Orr Family
  • Hannah and Ellie Pilkington
  • The Richards Family
  • The Ruhland Family
  • The Whitmarsh Family
  • The Prep School PTA
  • and one anonymous donor

The Impact of Giving

Find out how your support of St Catherine's makes a difference: