Pre Prep 

All girls in Pre-Prep have lessons in gymnastics, movement, games, athletics and tennis. The girls learn to work independently, in pairs and small groups.

In PPI basic movement skills are taught with a view to beginning hockey and netball using modified equipment and rules suited to their age. From the summer of PPII, all girls start their swimming programme where we develop water confidence and begin 'stroke technique' in addition to the other activities. 

Prep (Years 3-6)

All girls are taught netball, gymnastics, swimming, rounders, tennis, athletics and dance. Each lesson is 35 minutes and lessons are spread throughout the week to build in physical activity to their timetable on most days. The girls work towards improving their basic skills and techniques, gaining a greater understanding of the rules and an appreciation of the tactics involved in the games we play. They learn to work co-operatively and to compete fairly and appropriately against each other. Lessons are carefully differentiated to ensure all girls are working comfortably at their own level, achieving their individual potential.

In addition to this, the girls in Form I (Year 3) do a six week block of health related fitness and KS2 pupils all have the opportunity to take part in an outdoor and adventurous activities day.