Prep PTA


The Prep PTA is an integral part of school life, as it helps bring together the whole school community – teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, siblings and the girls. Through a number of whole school events, as well as specific class run gatherings, the academic year provides plenty of opportunities for meeting and making friends, creating a cohesive feeling throughout the school.

Our aims are to:

  • Provide a network of parents and a calendar of events through which all parents and carers can meet and socialise.
  • To use some of these events as opportunities to raise funds which the school can use to enhance the educational experience and environment for the girls, for example our substantial contribution to the refurbishment of the Prep School Hall, and the wooden playhouses in the school grounds.

Our Committee is made up of two Co-Chairs, Treasurer and Secretary. Each year group has a small enthusiastic team of fellow parents (reps) who have volunteered to coordinate PTA activities for the year. We do not involve ourselves with matters of education or school policy, but work closely with, and support the goals of the Prep School SMT team. 

Social Events

Our busy calendar includes many opportunities for parents to get to know each other within their class groups. These get togethers are organised by the year group reps, and range from coffee mornings to nights out for parents and Christmas parties.  We also organise whole school events and events for the girls, as highlighted above.


Each year the PTA raises around £15,000, primarily from the May Fair, Christmas Fair and Second Hand Uniform shop (see below). The PTA discusses how this money is spent - funds are put towards items suggested by staff, girls and parents, and agreed with the Headmistress.

The PTA also supports families through PTA events such as parenting lectures. Projects we have recently supported range from new library cushions to Soundscape - anything the school feels will further the educational experience of the girls.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Our Second Hand Uniform helps raise funds for the PTA and provides a valuable service to new and current families. This is located in the Senior School car park. Clothes are very reasonably priced and a team of volunteers opens the shop twice a week: Tuesday mornings after drop off and Friday afternoons before pick up. More information can be found here:

Second Hand Uniform Shop


All PTA members are volunteers. We welcome any parents or carers to join our team.  For further information please contact the PTA Co-Chairs on