Careers Ideas 

Opportunities that lie ahead
In U2 and L3 we run 'Careers Ideas' sessions for the girls.  These offer insights into the world of work and the breadth of opportunities available to them.  Drawing on our wonderful parents whose careers are both fascinating and wide-ranging, our goal is to inspire and excite the girls - not about a specific profession - but about the fulfilling world of work.   In response to our speakers, they might explore whether they'd prefer to work in a big team or be their own boss! They may like the idea of a global career working in other countries and across cultures.  Or they might realise their current ambition of being both a scientist and a professional dog-walker are compatible!  We are very grateful to our parents who come and share the story of their life beyond School, what they love about their work and what skills they've developed through their career. They are wonderful role models today that expand the girls' options for tomorrow,  showing girls what is possible.

We asked some girls to tell us what they thought about their 'Careers Ideas' sessions

Arabella -  "That talk inspired me to follow my dreams however hard it is."
Eva"I really enjoyed looking at the images of the types of services that the events company provide. The donut wall looked yummy!"
Poppy - "It made me realise that if you don't get your dream job straight away that that is alright. Sometimes you need to take smaller steps to build up to your dreams."

And from Miss Wittert, Year 6 teacher

"It is always fascinating for us all to glean an insight into other people’s lives, their passions, and the paths they have taken through life. Understanding that the modern world is full of possibilities and that careers can be flexible, rather than linear, is invaluable to young people. What an inspiration it is to realise that you can also take what you love into the world of work!  These career presentations are a wonderful opportunity for our students to ask questions about the greater world of work and to be enthused about their future lives as adults." 

Recent Careers Ideas

Robyn Matthews,  talked about her career in Trading and Fund Management at Loomis Sayles Investments Ltd. With photos and film from the trading floor now and in the 1980s, as well as examples from her own working life, she gave the girls an insight into her role and described the busy, buzzy environment of trading. The girls asked her many interesting questions and enjoyed hearing about possible career opportunities in the future. A big thank you to Robyn for joining us and inspiring a new generation of girls to consider a role in the Finance sector.

Lauren King, mother of two Prep School girls and Chief Operating Officer at Kalm Kitchen Ltd joined us to share her thoughts on her role in a thriving events company.  The girls were asked to think about how they would you cope with running eight events on on weekend? What they might do when things don't go as planned?  And Lauren shared her top tips for finding a career which makes the most of their interests and passions.  

Lizzie Jones has a daughter in the Prep School and is Group Sustainability Director with Savills leading on their Global ESG Corporate Strategy.  She will talk to the girls about some of the roles involved in 'moving house' and for those with an interest in environmental issues - we have a Prep Eco Club - how she helps her company respect the environment so people and nature can thrive.

Coming up

Want to design a new building? Hear from an Architect.   Want to help people?  Hear from a Doctor about life in General Practice.   Love your sports?  Learn about helping people with sports injuries.  Love Coding Club - listen to a tech guru at HSBC.  Want to shape our world?  Explore life in the Houses of Parliament working on how the future of how we travel from one place to another needs to change.  Love numbers?  Hear from Accenture how your strength might come in handy in the future!