Our L3 (Year 6) girls achieved great success in their examinations to begin secondary school in September 2023. 

In a cohort of 46 girls, our girls sat for over 18 different schools, 74 offers were made and 22% of girls secured Scholarships or Exhibitions.  Girls were offered Academic, Art, Music and Sports Scholarships. 

We are proud of all the girls have achieved during their time in the Prep School – the large majority of whom joined in PPI.  Whether their onward destination is St Catherine’s Senior School, another local School or one further afield, the girls will always be part of the St Catherine’s community and no doubt be gathering for reunions and School tours in 10 and 20 years’ time reminiscing on their time in the WonderLab and their incredible L3 (Year 6) production of Matilda!

School No. places offered  No. places accepted Scholarships  
St Catherine's 40 32 Academic Scholarship
Cello Award
Music Scholar
Organ Scholar
Guildford High 7 3    
Prior's Field 7 3 Exhibit for Academic Potential
Exhibit for Art
Exhibit for Swimming
Exhibit for Gym
Lady Eleanor Hollis 1 1    
St Mary's Ascot 1 1    
Stover 1 1 Art Scholarship  
Exeter 1 1    


School No. places offered  No. places accepted Scholarships
Manor House 1 1  
Moon Hall 1 1  
Tormead 2 1  
St Teresa's 3 1 Academic Scholarship
Bedales 1 0  
Charterhouse 1 0  
Churchers 1 0  
Cranleigh Prep 1 0  
Cranleigh Senior 3 0  
Sherborne 1 0  
Canford 1 0  


11+ Leavers 2022

The exit schools for girls from St Catherine’s Prep School 2022 were:

St Catherine's Senior School

81% Academic Scholarship, Music Award

Guildford High School

7% Music Exhibition


5% Academic Scholarship
Prior's Field School 2%  
Tormead 2%  
Farlington 2%