Studying Chemistry allows us to acquire a better understanding of the world around us and provides the chance to develop a broad range of skills. Chemists have played key roles in the development of much of the technology that enhances our lives and are central to the research required to solve many of the global challenges we currently face. Building strong foundations in Chemistry provides the basis for a broad range of careers and ensures that students are scientifically literate.

Welcome to the Chemistry Department 

The Chemistry Department at St Catherine’s aims to teach in a way that simulates students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment of the subject and to develop their understanding of the science of the world around them. Every opportunity is taken to engage and support each student as they progress through their studies. We aim to provide a 21st century education that makes effective use of a wide range of resources, from ICT to practicals, to develop skills and stimulate intellectual curiosity, whilst also broadening our students’ knowledge of key developments in science and understanding of fundamental chemical principles. The diversity of the subject and practical elements, together with the many links to the world around us, make it a pleasure to teach and we hope our students will have as much fun studying it as we have teaching.