Food and Nutrition

All girls participate in Food and Nutrition lessons in the first two years, rotating with Art, Drama, DT, Textiles and Music. In Upper 4, students may chose to study the subject further. 

Lessons are action-packed, with theory often focusing on the science of cooking: the “why does that work?” approach being a key and fascinating element of the theory.

Pupils have many practical lessons in which they will prepare and cook a wide range of dishes from scratch such as sushi, curries from various cuisines, classic desserts from around the world as well as a solid grounding in bread and pastry work. 

Studying Food and Nutrition in Key Stage 3 not only gives the pupils a solid grounding for the GCSE course, it gives them the confidence and the skills to cook delicious, nutritious dishes as an important life skill.

Lockdown Cookery 2021

L4 Bread making: a delicious lockdown “tear and share” - Scarlett L4 Merriman

“No waste” cooking: delicious, nutritious crispy potato skins with homemade spice rub - Sophie U3 RB

Twice-baked fruit soufflés: Fiona U3RB

Risotto: a deliciously comforting dish using modest ingredients: Carys U4ME

Simple, nutritious vegetable tarts

Elevating the classic Tiramisu

Elevating the classic Tiramisu

Simple, nutritious vegetable tarts

Store cupboard cooking - cheesy soda bread (U4)

Vegetable tarts (L5)

U3 pasta making: Sophie’s tagliatelle and farfalle drying

Upper 4 pantry challenge: Arabella’s mozzarella, chilli and basil salad

Upper 4 pantry challenge: Ava’s quinoa and tomato salad

Rosemary sharing wreath with cranberry and baked Camembert: Libby, Upper 4

Almond milk pancakes: Glory, Lower 4

French toast: Chloe, Upper 4

Berry Pie: Ruby, Upper 3