Food and Nutrition

Our lessons are action-packed, with theory often focusing on the science of cooking: the “why does that work or fail?” approach being a key and fascinating element of the theory.  If you have ever wondered why cakes might sink in the middle or why pastry might shrink when filling a tart tin or have sought the secrets to making that perfect Yorkshire Pudding, then Food and Nutrition really is the place to be! 

Enjoying good food - and without guilt - is one of life’s great pleasures. Helping our students develop a love of food, a confidence in the kitchen and a thorough understanding of how to plan and create delicious, nutritious meals is at the very heart of our philosophy in Food and Nutrition. With the superb Culinary Arts Studio recently opened in the Art and Makerspace (images and video at the bottom of the page), we look forward to creating even more culinary delights and guiding our students on their food journeys.

Photos of Student Practicals

Culinary Arts Studio