History of Art

History of Art is one of the most relevant and influential subjects on offer in the sixth form. If you are interested in the world around you, in stepping back through time to learn about the ideas and values of people across the world, then you will love this course. History of Art A Level explores how and why the style of art and architecture changes over the centuries and links formal academic study with the development of sustained and structured argument.

This course will provide you with the skills to understand and confidently evaluate important works of Western art from the ancient world to the present day. You also learn about the fascinating lives and personalities of artists and how specific events affected their output. It complements and enhances a wide range of other A Level courses and can lead to a wealth of career opportunities and University courses. If you want to become an architect, art advisor or investor; gallery curator; journalist; film or television stylist, or get into the wider business world that depends so heavily on visual literacy, (eg: advertising, fashion or travel) then this course is for you.