ICT & Computing

In our everyday life we rely on computers to exchange and present information, so it's crucial for students to be confident in this area.  The department delivers courses to equip students with the appropriate skills in ICT & Computing to use in their school life, and also further ahead to their university and professional career.

ICT & Computing

ICT is about learning the skills to use the correct software to communicate effectively.  All students complete the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) qualification in Word and Excel. 

Computing is about helping students to develop logic and problem-solving skills.  This gives them the building blocks and confidence to create, analyse and interpret code, so that they are able to build systems that solve real-world problems.  We offer students the opportunity to take GCSE and A Level Computer Science.

Curriculum Structure

Year Computing ICT
Upper 3 (Yr 7) &
Lower 4 (Yr 8)
Development of ICT & Computing skills
Upper 4 (Yr 9) Development of
Computing Skills
Word MOS
Lower 5 (Yr 10)  Optional
GCSE Computer Science
Mandatory (L5 only)
Excel MOS Curriculum
Upper 5 (Yr 11) -
6th Form A Level Computer Science -