PSHE / Life Matters

At St Catherine's our own Life Matters courses address topics and issues from the PSHE curriculum.  Life Matters at St Catherine's seeks to equip our students with balanced and accurate information with which they can make good choices for life, and forge happy and healthy relationships, both now and in the future.  

We are very proud of our existing program, and the legislation that came into effect in Summer 2021 for PSHE gave us exciting opportunities to review our Life Matters curriculum further. The new government mandatory requirements for the teaching of Relationships and Sex Education covered much familiar content, and also contained updated guidance on the teaching of Mental Health. A significant difference was the new requirement to assess student progress, and we leveraged some of our favourite digital tools (Kahoot, Quizizz, Mentimeter, Google Forms, Kialo etc.) to achieve this in an engaging way in class time, without adding to student workload.  With the introduction of OneNote students have all resources in one place, including links to websites relevant to each topic.  The students are given the opportunity to reflect on questions and different scenarios and they are able to write down their thoughts in to OneNote during the Life Matters lessons.  Tutors then have an overview and are able to reflect on this during tutor time.  

Every year parents receive a letter detailing information on the RSE section of the course.  

Click here to view our Relationships & Sex Education policy.