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Careers Blog

This provides information on Careers events held at school, as well as details of external events, Work Experience and Insight programmes. 


Mrs Sue Weighell, Director of Careers Education

Overview of Careers Provision

Careers Events

“What can I do with a degree in..?”
To date this popular series of seminars has included Maths and Physics, Classics, Modern Foreign Languages, Business and Economics, Politics and Degrees in the Arts.  Alumnae who have studied the specified degree subject share their Career experiences since graduation with current students.  This invariably serves to highlight the breadth of Career options which are opened up by the degree subject and assists in choices for A level and degree subjects. 

University Talks and Events 
Visiting speakers from a range of universities and faculties inform and inspire girls.  Recent examples include Engineering and Physical Sciences at Imperial, Medical School Applications, Studying in Scotland, and the Study Abroad – Overseas University Roadshow. 

St Catherine’s Association Careers Forum 
The biennial careers forum is a fantastic opportunity for girls to have informal discussions with Alumnae and Parents representing the most popular career sectors before attending sector specific workshops to gain more detailed understanding of careers.  

Careers Within The Curriculum

Careers Education is about finding out about oneself and about opportunities in order to make the perfect match. This is the foundation for careers provision throughout the School. We aim to enable girls to develop their self-awareness and equip them to explore a wide range of education and career options in order to make informed choices. A comprehensive package of Careers advice and guidance is available to the girls both within the curriculum and also outside normal lessons. The biennial careers convention at St. Catherine’s allows girls to speak to practitioners representing a wide range of professions.  

Key Stage 3

In Lower 4 girls start to develop their appreciation of Career options benefiting from hearing a number of guest speakers at end of term lectures. 
In Upper 4 girls attend the weekly lecture.  This includes a series of lectures from women working in a variety of roles and organisations, combined with research activities.  Naturally there is also a focus upon GCSE option choices for which girls receive individual guidance.  As a ‘taster’ for work-experience, they participate in Take Your Daughter To Work Day. 

Key Stage 4

Lower 5

Careers Lessons

Lower 5 attend Careers lessons as part of the Life Matters rotation.  This consists of a 5 week course which includes: 

  • Career Planning: Exploring their current feelings about careers and career planning. 
  • Informed Decision Making: Identifying the types of information required to make informed careers decisions. 
  • Careers Research: Familiarisation with reliable sources through research into links between academic subjects and careers combined with research tasks designed to broaden awareness of potential career options. 

Morrisby online profile

All girls take the Morrisby online profile aptitude and interest guide in the Summer Term.  At this stage the particular focus is on understanding of their aptitude profile and how that links to A level and Career choices. 

Business Challenge Day

The whole year group participates in the Business Challenge day which is facilitated by SATRO, the purpose of which is to develop awareness of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.  Working in teams, girls setup and run a business for the day thus developing an appreciation of business planning and the need for innovative product design.  They also have opportunities to develop their negotiation skills agreeing contracts with the buyers and arranging finance with the bankers, as well as adapting to changes in the business environment which occurred during the day.  Throughout the day they are supported by volunteers from the local business community. 

Upper 5

Careers Lessons

U5 attend careers lessons on a rotation.  This consists of a short course including:  

  • A level options and Careers Research: Students revisit their Morrisby aptitudes to help inform their A level subject choices.  The purpose is to encourage them to utilise their strongest aptitudes in order to achieve their highest potential.  Morrisby is also the starting point for a detailed Careers research task allowing them to explore options which take account of both interests and aptitudes.   
  • Future Pathways:  Options beyond A level are explained with a particular focus on alternatives to traditional university degrees.  This includes an explanation of Degree Apprenticeships, Sponsored Degrees and Higher Apprenticeships. 
  • CV and Interview skills:  In preparation for applications for work experience, and paid employment students create a CV having first identified their achievements and skills to date. Interview preparation begins with an introduction to the STAR technique designed which can be applied in all interview situations.   
  • Preparation for A level Choices:  In addition to the careers lessons detailed above, during the Autumn Term all students have a one to one discussion with a member of staff, chosen carefully from a team of advisers, in order to consider their A level choices.  This is part of the A level choices programme which includes attending A level taster lessons and an information evening for students and their parents. 

Key Stage 5


Careers lessons in the 6th Form are delivered within the SCOPE enrichment programme. 

The L6th programme equips girls with information and skills which will enable them to research Higher Education options, and assist them in making informed decisions based on their longer term Career aspirations.  Girls are also encouraged to recognise the importance of employability skills, identifying evidence of their existing skills, as well as providing opportunities for further development within school based activities.  

All Lower 6th students have a week’s work experience in the Autumn Term. Students write a report afterwards and make a presentation to their house.  At the end of the Summer Term, Activities Week for the Lower 6th is designed to give them an insight into how to make a successful application to the universities of their choice. 

Upper 6th are supported throughout the process of UCAS applications.  Information is also provided on a wide range of topics such as Internships, Gap years, interview technique and student finance. 

London Network 

6th Form students apply for places to attend the St Catherine's Association London Network events.  This is an opportunity to develop their networking skills, and gain further insight into career sectors as well as making connections which benefit them in the short and long term.