Dance School

The St Catherine’s Dance School offers a wide variety of dance classes for girls of every age and ability. For students in PPIII upwards, throughout the Prep and Senior school, Dance is offered as an extra curricular activity. Classes run after school and take place in our purpose built dance studio or the prep school gym. All dance classes explore the element of creativity, and enjoyment and all lessons are taught in a fun and positive environment.

Ballet classes are offered, following the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), and lessons in Tap and Modern, following the syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD). Once students have reached the required techniques and levels they will be given the option of entering for examinations and class awards.  The Dance school also offers fun, non-syllabus jazz classes where students will learn basic jazz dance technique, alongside upbeat routines and exciting choreography. We also have a Bi-Annual Dance Showcase event that takes place in the Autumn term in the school's purpose built Auditorium.  

To enrol your daughter at the dance school or for any other queries please contact our Principal of the Dance School via

Watching Week

  • Watching week will usually be held on the second to final week for each discipline. Parents are invited to watch their daughter’s lesson and can expect to see the class in a normal, working environment.
  • The Dance school encourages performance opportunities for all dance students and will inform parents of any upcoming events that the girls are given the opportunity to perform in. Please check the dance noticeboards regularly for any upcoming events.

Dance Tuition Fees

  • Dance fees and dance waiting class fees will be invoiced at the end of each term.
  • Any students wishing to withdraw from the Dance school must give a terms notice; a written letter or an email is acceptable. A letter or email of acknowledgement will be sent, and if you do not receive this please contact us. If a further term is due because of short notice, it is assumed the lessons will occur; however, ‘fees in lieu’ is possible and parents may write confirming lessons are not actually required.
  • For more information about dance fees please email St Catherine’s Business Centre.

Prep Waiting Class

  • For Girls in Prep school we offer a dance waiting service until 6.00pm where upon finishing the Prep School day and wishing to stay at school ahead of their dance classes the girls are escorted from the Prep School to the Anniversary Halls. The girls are supervised whilst changing and are able to have a snack brought in from home or purchased from the Forum Cafe. They are then able to complete their homework in a quiet area or enjoy puzzles and quiet games in an adjoining room, again fully supervised. There is a small fee that applies for Dance Waiting Class and parents are asked to collect their daughters as promptly as possible after their classes from the Forum Café area.Please be aware that there is no facility for taking girls back to the Prep School for Cat Club.
  • Students are welcome to stay in Dance Waiting until 10 minutes after the last class. After this time they will be taken to the Dance studio for collection. Any changes to the usual pick up should be given in writing to the school office.
  • Any questions concerning Dance Waiting classes should be directed to Debbie Lucas, Dance Waiting Class Manager, .

Contact Info

Please bear in mind that Mrs Bridger and Miss Bennett are only in school part-time, so please continue to use for any questions or queries that require a prompt response and for registering or withdrawing from dance classes.

For any queries relating to Dance waiting or changes to pick up from dance classes please contact