Extra Curricular

St Catherine's, Bramley, is a School where the extra-curriculum is of vital importance to the overall, rounded education offered. For every girl, enjoyment of a set of activities beyond the taught curriculum can enrich and enliven the whole School experience. Skills are learned and either enjoyed for the sheer delight in taking part, or mastered and taken to the highest levels attainable, such as national representation at sport. The choice is that of the individual girl.

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A wide selection of activities, clubs and societies is offered and girls are encouraged to spread their wings on arrival and try out new things as well as pursuing those with which they are long familiar. They are also guided in the management of their time as they do this, and tutors will log their activities with them and discuss them. And yes, there will be guidance to hand at the moment when the tough question has to be asked about whether there is too much going on. Or, equally, if there is too little.

A young woman who is involved in extra-curricular activities acquires an additional raft of life skills, and valuable soft skills, as she enjoys her time outside lessons. She works more effectively on her studies in order to enjoy her extra-curricular activities and thus a great work/life balance can be achieved. And in the last analysis, she is far more likely to be showing her grandchildren her school team photos than her textbooks, though the latter may have underpinned a great career.