Welcome to St Catherine’s Senior School Library where ‘reading for pleasure’ and independent learning through purposeful private study are simultaneously encouraged by the large number of books available for loan and reference use.

There is also a collection of hard-copy magazines, as well as an online facility. These can be accessed from the ‘Oliver’ link above, where the specific logins for each of the E-Learning products are given. The library also subscribes to the daily papers, including 3 foreign language newspapers. The librarian is always happy to receive book recommendations and reservation requests.  Visit the reading portal page to find a list of suggested books. 

The highlight in the library calendar is ‘Book Week’, which celebrates literature in all its diverse forms throughout the school. The Librarians’ Literary lectures, a joint venture with the prep. school are held twice in the academic year and they also feed in to promoting books and authors to the pupils, thereby extending their ‘reading for pleasure’ choices.

The Library is open 7 days a week from 8am-9pm. It is staffed by the Senior School Librarian from 9-5.30pm Mon-Fri, and at other times by boarding and teaching staff. It operates two borrowing systems and pupils can borrow up to six books for 3 weeks. The library is available to Day Girls after school for homework.

Do come and visit the library to see the resources available to the pupils whilst at St Catherine’s.


Mrs Eleanor Roberts
Tel no: 01483 899613
Mrs Jacqui Sadler (Prep School)