Pastoral Care


Pastoral care is at the heart of all we do at St. Catherine's. We know that girls will face their personal and academic challenges as they pass through their teenage years and the pastoral team of Housemistresses and Tutors are there to support and guide their tutees. We believe in building strong relationships with pupils and parents so that we can work most effectively as a team to ensure the best outcomes for each individual. The tutors and housemistresses know their girls very well and so are able to move in to offer support swiftly when need arises. They look after the academic and personal welfare of the girls, ensuring that girls are as happy as they can be, achieving their best academically and developing into the well-rounded individuals who will make a positive difference to the world around them.

When more specialist support may be required to help a pupil through specific emotional challenges, we are fortunate to have the expertise of a Resident Psychologist and two counsellors on hand in school. The Pastoral Team is always there to support our pupils and to see them become the best that they can be.

Information about the School Houses

  Mrs Kirsty Meredith
  Senior Housemistress


Rev’d Dr Benji McNair Scott, School Chaplain

A very warm welcome to you and your daughter on behalf of myself, the Chaplain.  I trust that you and your daughter will find St Catherine's a welcoming and inclusive community, which reflects the Christian tradition at the heart of the school.  That rich Christian heritage is embodied by the chapel which is an integral aspect of the girls’ experience here at St Catherine's. 
Chapel is central to the life of St. Catherine’s and, paradoxically, it is also a ‘space apart’.  Chapel is much valued and alumnae remember it with great affection and gratitude. It is a ‘sacred space’ where quiet, calm, peace and a sense of infinite goodness can be found.  It is always open as a place where girls can come and be still and pray if they so choose.

Services in School: 
Each week, all girls participate in a chapel service where there is music, singing, prayers, Scripture reading and a short homily.   For those who are boarders there is an added Wednesday evening service with a choir, quite often by candlelight.  Once a year, each House puts together a Sunday communion service which the girls and their family members attend – these are lovely occasions, stamped with the Houses’ individual mark. Leavers’ Communion in May is also a very special occasion for the Upper Sixth.

Holy Days:
As a community we celebrate three holy days: St Catherine's Day, Ash Wednesday and Ascension Day.  For the St Catherine's Day and Ash Wednesday we have services for the younger years in the chapel whilst the fifth and sixth forms attend a Communion service in Holy Trinity, Bramley, our local parish church; whilst on Ascension Day the younger years have a service of the Word at Holy Trinity, and there is an voluntary Eucharist service for the fifth form and above in the school chapel.  Those boarders in on Sundays also attend the main Sunday morning service at Holy Trinity.  Occasional vigils in light of tragedies are held in Chapel when girls and staff will come and be still, and light a candle as a sign of their prayer. 

Confirmation Services:
Every year we offer the opportunity for those girls who would like to be confirmed in the Church of England to do so.  After being prepared by myself, the Bishop of Guildford or the Bishop of Dorking will conduct a confirmation service in chapel – a joyous and special event.  If you would like more details about this and would like to be confirmed next March do click on the link.Confirmation letter and form
Support for the community:
Alongside overseeing what occurs in the chapel, part of my vocation here at St Catherine's is to be with and for the community as a Pastor.  Therefore, I am at hand to lend a listening ear and provide helpful resources as and when needed both to the girls and the staff.  

Prayer Group:
We also have a prayer group run by current parents to pray for the whole community of St Catherine's.  For more details, click here:Prayer Group

I trust that you and your daughter will enjoy being part of the St Catherine’s community and I look forward to meeting you both.


Medical Centre

Location: The School Medical Centre is situated in the first floor of the main school building adjacent to Bronte boarding house and is available for use by both day girls and boarders.  

Surgery opening times:
08:00 - 08:30am Before School
10:05 - 10:25am Morning Break (and 10:35-10:55am on a Monday)
13:00 - 14:15pm Lunch Break
16:10 - 17:00pm After School
20:00 - 21:00pm Evening (boarders surgery)

Medical problems during the school day:
As well as the above opening times, if students are feeling unwell during lessons, they can ask their teachers to be excused and can then be taken to the medical centre for advice. 

There is always a member of the team on call and we can be contacted on the School Medical Centre mobile phone if you need to speak to us out of school hours: mobile: 07789 354664 or via e-mail (for non-urgent matters):


  • Mrs Linda Green RGN
    (Senior Nursing Sister)
  • Mrs Katie Downes RGN
  • Mrs Maya Garside RGN
  • Mrs Nicole Palmer RGN
  • Mrs Lauretta Pope RGN 

Dr Joanne Taylor - Resident Clinical Psychologist 

When mental health and wellbeing issues are impacting on girl’s ability thrive in school, Dr Jo Taylor (Resident Psychologist) along with the School Counsellors are able to provide assessment and therapeutic support to students drawing on a range of evidence-based modalities. However, it can be hard for girls to overcome their challenges and achieve their wellbeing goals alone. Moreover, family and staff can feel confused about the student’s difficulties and how best to support them. Whilst respecting confidentiality, we do encourage the girls accessing therapy to allow some information to be shared with parents and core members St Catherine’s staff to ensure they are understood and robustly supported by team around them. If additional support is needed outside of school we will provide recommendations and signposting. Where families choose to access support outside school, Dr Jo Taylor can liaise with professionals to enable school to understand the students care plan and to consider any adjustments needed within school.

Dr Jo Taylor has an additional role in providing consultation to teachers about mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders, and also contributes to the curriculum through Life Matters. As a mental health and wellbeing team we therefore aim to reach all girls in school providing them with knowledge and skills to build their resilience and mental health.