Welcome to Ashcombe House!


The word ‘ASHCOMBE’ is synonymous with ‘FRIENDLY’! Everyone knows that Ashcombe is known as ‘the friendly house’, and whilst we have no doubt that the other Houses aspire to this also, we have proved it again and again!

I am privileged to lead a truly fantastic group of people, year on year, through many triumphs and some tribulations and, without fail, what matters most to each individual is the depth of friendships enjoyed, the sense of great camaraderie and House Spirit, whether it be from within the middle of the Chorus in the House singing competition, or cheered at 102 decibels from the sidelines at the Swimming Gala ( an event, by the way, that we have won quite a lot of times!) and the huge number of tremendously fun opportunities presented to ‘have a go’ at something that girls may feel is not traditionally their ‘forte’. We don’t always win, but as any Ashcombe member will tell you, for our House, it really is ‘the taking part that counts!’ We are proud of who and what we are, and we hope you get a chance to experience Ashcombe at first hand!

  Mrs Amanda White
  Ashcombe Housemistress