Welcome to Ashcombe House!


The word ‘ASHCOMBE’ is synonymous with ‘FRIENDLY’! Everyone knows that Ashcombe is known as ‘the friendly house’, and whilst we have no doubt that the other Houses aspire to this also, we have proved it again and again!

I am privileged to lead a truly fantastic group of people, year on year, through many triumphs and some tribulations and, without fail, what matters most to each individual is the depth of friendships enjoyed, the sense of great camaraderie and House Spirit, whether it be from within the middle of the Chorus in the House singing competition, or cheered at 102 decibels from the sidelines at the Swimming Gala ( an event, by the way, that we have won quite a lot of times!) and the huge number of tremendously fun opportunities presented to ‘have a go’ at something that girls may feel is not traditionally their ‘forte’. We don’t always win, but as any Ashcombe member will tell you, for our House, it really is ‘the taking part that counts!’ We are proud of who and what we are, and we hope you get a chance to experience Ashcombe at first hand!

  Mrs Amanda White
  Ashcombe Housemistress

Staff & Officers


  • Housemistress: Mrs Amanda White
  • U3/L4 Tutor: Mrs Debbie Kitchen
  • U4 Tutor: Mrs Caroline Warren
  • Assistant Tutor: Mrs Rebecca Devine


  • House Captains: Emma and Katie
  • Drama Prefect: Mhairi
  • Technical Theatre: Lauren
  • Charity Prefect: Lia & Lauren
  • New Girls and U3: Rebecca & Natalie
  • Debating Prefect: Sarah
  • Games: Isabella, Olivia & Milly
  • Music Prefects: Sophia, Sarah, Charlotte
  • Art and PR Prefect: Sophie and Lia


Previous House Captains

  • 2018-2019: Lucy and Megan
  • 2017-2018: Beth and Chloe
  • 2016-2017: Lauren and Anne-Claire
  • 2015-2016: Alys and Ella
  • 2014-2015: Alex and Harriet
  • 2013-2014: Annie and Anna
  • 2012-2013: Katie and Hannah
  • 2011-2012: Tess and Sarah




  • Music + Drama Cup – Kayla and the Tech Team 
  • Progress & Resilience Cup – Anusha & Summer
  • Little House (for U3 only) – Agnes
  • Sports Plate – Lax teams
  • Shining Star Award – Helen & Ruby
  • Most Merit marks –  Millie & Charlotte
  • Golden Girdle – Gupi
  • Merit Girdle – Helena
  • 3rd Form Badge – Iris
  • 4th Form badge – Emily 
  • 5th Form Badge – Ananya
  • Ties : Georgie & Bryony



  • Progress Cup – Grace 
  • Little House (for U3 only) –  Amelia D
  • Sports Plate – Georgia 
  • Shining Star Award –Rebecca J, Ananya – cake sale and Rebecca (fall and finish)
  • Most Merit marks – Lottie W
  • Golden Girdle – George 
  • Merit Girdle – Bryony 
  • 3rd Form Badge –  Abbie T
  • 4th Form badge –Sophie H
  • 5th Form Badge – Emily T
  • Ties : Natalie and Connie 


  • Music + Drama Cup – Grace, Rosie, Jenny.
  • Progress Cup –Alex 
  • Little House (for U3 only) – Izzy
  • Sports Plate – Trio
  • Shining Star Award –Rebecca J, Charlotte 
  • Most Merit marks – Ruby 
  • Golden Girdle – Natalie (solo gym)
  • Merit Girdle –Connie
  • 3rd Form Badge – Emily t
  • 4th Form badge – Erin 
  • 5th Form Badge – Azeezah 
  • Ties : Emma and Ruby 


  • Music + Drama Cup – Katie 
  • Progress Cup – Mani
  • Little House (for U3 only) – Libby
  • Sports Plate – Senior netball team
  • Shining Star Award – Molly 
  • Most Merit marks – Rosie H, Millie C, Jasmina M, Emma U, Kayla , Mani, Heyi.
  • Golden Girdle – Emma 
  • Merit Girdle – Ruby 
  • 3rd Form Badge – Helena 
  • 4th Form badge –Imogen 
  • 5th Form Badge – Nina 
  • Ties : Camilla F and Azeezah

Annual Report

Written by Ashcombe House Captains 

Ashcombe had a great year, seeing successes across the wide range of house activities and competitions. The Autumn Term began with a victory, as Ashcombe won the House Art competition, with individual prizes being awarded to two members of the house: Katie Waller won the Senior Prize for her ceramics piece; Mrs White, our housemistress, won the staff Photography Prize. Well done to everyone who was entered and especially our art prefects, Annalisa and Tiffany, who put together the winning display. This was followed by more success in the House Drama competition. We were given the title: “What happened to Mrs Wormwood?” Based on this, the Drama Prefects and House Captains wrote and directed our play. We won the most creative design, and we were very proud of the house spirit and high standard of acting and technical theatre. Throughout the Autumn term, both the senior and middle school took part in the House Netball competition. In middle school, we came 4th, and in the senior school, we came an impressive 2nd!  All those who wanted to, no matter what their ability, played for the house, and contributed to these fantastic results. Every match it was lovely to see the great support on the side-lines, no matter the weather! Before we knew it, St Catherine’s Day was upon us, during which the house lacrosse competition took place. Middle school played well, and Senior school placed 3rd, after many well fought matches from all. Supporters helped moral, while other members of the house raised money for charity by selling hand warmers to cold pupils and staff.

The Spring term was just as busy, with the house gym and singing competitions. In house singing, the theme was Elton John. And we were given the song 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' and the music prefects chose the song 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson. Everyone participated whether it was in the band, singing, or conducting. Overall, we came 5th, and were very proud of our performances. House gym was great fun, with the L6 choreographing and leading all of the routines and dances. We came and impressive 3rd place, and Emily Tyler In U3 was awarded the prise of 'Performer of the day'. Well done Ashcombe and Emily!

The summer term was packed full of fun in sun. Throughout the term, the rounders and tennis competitions were played by both middle and senior school, during house lunches on Wednesday and Friday. Well done to everyone who played and supported. On the last few days of school was the house quiz, athletics and swimming. The whole house was there to either participate or support. In quiz we came 1st in both senior and middle school, and overall!  We ended the term with the house athletics and swimming competitions, with the house picnic in-between. The whole house attended, and It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. We came 5th in athletics and 2nd In swimming, including coming 4th in the house swimming relay. In the Summer term, there was also the public speaking competition, in which Ananya Sharma won best speaker! At the end of the year we were awarded 5th place in the merit cup, and 2nd place in the work cup.

We are so proud of what the house has achieved this year and cannot wait to see what we accomplish in the year to come.


ASHCOMBE – George Cubitt, 1st Baron Ashcombe  (1828 – 1917)

George Cubitt was the eldest surviving son of 12 children.  His father was Thomas Cubitt the famous and wealthy master builder who had developed Belgravia in London.  George was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, after which he wished to train as a clergyman but his father wouldn’t let him as he really wanted George to go into the building business.   George was only 27 when his father died and he inherited great wealth.  He went on to become an MP for 32 years serving as Conservative MP for West Surrey and for Epsom, and was then elevated to the Lords as Baron Ashcombe of Dorking and of Bodiam Castle, having been invested as a Privy Counsellor in 1880.  He also served as Honorary Colonel of the Royal West Surrey Regiment and Deputy Lieutenant of the counties of Surrey and Middlesex.

George married Laura Joyce and they had 9 children, although only 6 survived beyond infancy. 

Denbies, a large estate in Dorking was part of the inheritance from his father and he lived there until 1905.    George’s grandson Stephen wrote of him he led a simple and austere personal life among the luxury with which fate had surrounded him, careful for those about him, and scrupulous in all his ways”

It was while an MP for West Surrey, that Cubitt and his wife Laura became founders and one of the largest benefactors of St Catherine’s School.   In 1896 Lady Ashcombe gave £1,000 to build and furnish a sanatorium.  This house, which stands separate from the main school block (in case of infectious diseases) has changed its use a number of times. It became a 6th form house in 1965, then a study centre and finally the Music School, which it is today. 

Lord Ashcombe died in 1917 and is buried at St Barnabas Church in Ranmore, the church he had built for the workers on the Denbies Estate. 

The stained glass window in Chapel showing St Cecilia is in memory of Lady Ashcombe.  “In grateful recollection of Laura, wife of George, 1st Baron Ashcombe, of Denbies, in this County, one of the founders of this School, this window is dedicated.”

We are very honoured that our patron of St Catherine’s School today is Lord Ashcombe’s great-great-granddaughter Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.




  1. George Cubitt
  2. George Cubitt picture with his wife Laura and her brother (seated)
  3. Denbies
  4. HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, our patron

Charity Events

Throughout the year we run a variety of fund-raising events, including: cake sales and a factual quiz on Speech day.  Each year group decides on which particular charity to support for their event and this has included: Finlay’s Fighters, Riding for the Disabled, Macmillan and Cancer Research.  The girls all love joining together to support these worthwhile causes.