Welcome to Midleton House!

We are very proud to take our name from Lord Midleton, one of the four founders of the school and an original governor. Our house colour is royal blue, and at house events you can spot anyone in Midleton a mile away as we cover every inch of ourselves in the colour, and if you can’t see us, you can probably hear us. Midleton’s infamous chants can be heard from the lax pitches on St Catherine’s day or are deafening everyone in the swimming pool on House Swimming.

Taking part is what counts in Midleton and this year we are very proud that anyone who signed up to participate in House netball got the chance and helped us achieve second place! This engenders a great sense of team spirit and a sense of community; indeed a sixth former recently remarked that she viewed the last six years as “attending Midleton rather than attending St. Catherine’s”.

  Mrs Kirsty Meredith, Senior Housemistress
  Mrs Ceri-Wiskin, Assistant Housemistress



  • Senior Work Cup:  Kate
  • Junior Work Cup:  Connie
  • Evans Plate:  Olivia
  • Merit badges: Rosie C, Veronica, Libby, Jasmine, Lizzie, Sarah-Jane, Pippa, Rosie W


  • Senior Work Cup:  India & Saskia
  • Junior Work Cup:  Ella
  • Evans Plate:  Sophie W
  • Merit cup:  Sophie H
  • All round support: Lizzie B
  • Sports cup: Jasmine J
  • Tiny Cup:  Verity
  • Spectacular Effort: Claudia
  • Fourth Form Star:  Emmanuella
  • Merit badges: Sibella, Kyah, Bea, Rosie