Welcome to Musgrave House !

Welcome to Musgrave house! We are thrilled to take our name from the Reverend Canon Vernon Musgrave who was one of the founders of the school and who had the original vision for St Catherine’s in 1883. We see ourselves as a very friendly and enthusiastic house because all our girls look out for one another and put their all into everything they do. We encourage the Musgrave girls to join in, work hard, play hard and have fun at the same time. In whatever school event we take part in, Musgravians make themselves known for their commitment, passion and success.

I am delighted to be joining Musgrave and leading the team this year, and I look forward to working closely with the girls and getting to know them.  We have already had such a positive start to the year with excellent netball and lacrosse results, both of which reflect the girls’ drive and passion for the house.  We also have an amazing Upper 6 cohort this year, as with every year, who lead the house with skill and humour, together with a superb tutor team who encourage the girls to strive for greater heights, to try something new and to support one another unconditionally. The House won the Foley Cup for the best consistent performance across all the House competitions; this is an achievement the House are really proud of and are striving for once again this year!

  Mrs Sophie Hay
  Musgrave Housemistress


Staff & Officers


  • Housemistress: Mrs Sophie Hay
  • Upper 4 Tutor: Miss Tansy Parkinson
  • House Tutor: Mrs Montse Gil Rivas
  • Assistant Tutor: Mrs Davina Byrne

House Officers

  • House Captains – Emile & Jess
  • Games Captains – Florence, Kat & Mia
  • Drama Prefect – Juliette
  • Technical Drama Prefect – Georgia
  • Music Prefects – Kristie, Mariam & Juliette
  • Art Prefect – Holly
  • Public Speaking Prefect – Claudia
  • Charity Prefect – Demi
  • New Girls Prefect – Melody

Previous House Captains

  • 2018 - 2019 - Tamsin and Phoebe
  • 2017 - 2018 - Jess and Saskia
  • 2016 - 2017 - Sophie and Jasmin
  • 2015 - 2016 - Tilly and Dominque
  • 2014 - 2015 - Helen and Ella
  • 2013 - 2014 - Sophie and Lucy
  • 2012 - 2013 - Torie and Tabbie
  • 2011 - 2012 - Georgina and Fran




  • Fair Lady:  Sienna & Katie

  • Leadership Bear: Juliette

  • Mrs Collins' Courtesy Award: Rosie

  • Mrs Silk's Angel Award: Izzy 

  •  Work Cup: Isabella

  • U5 Percy Pig Award:  Grace / Sally

  • Stagg Cup:  Amy

  • Courage Creativity Award: Tomi

  • Mrs Stortt's Cup for Endeavour: Yana

  • Fleming Drama Trophy: Lucy / Claudia

  • Jamieson Lacrosse Trophy: Madi

  • Buffie's Bear: Amelia

  • Spirit Cup: Jess

  • Keen Bean Trophy: Christina & Honor

  • Sports Cup: Abi

  • U3 Plate: Morwenna

  • LargeYeo Trophy: Nora

  • Golden Girdle: Katherine

  • Merit Girdle: Daisy

  • U3 Merit Badge: Ophelia

  • 4th Form Merit Badge: Georgia

  • 5th Form Merit Badge: Lucy



  • Fair Lady:  Frankie & Marina

  • Leadership Bear:  Daisy, Leah & Amelie

  • Mrs Silk's Angel Award:  Annie & Emilia

  • Work cup:  Arabella

  • U5 Percy Pig Award:  Annabel

  • Mrs Stortt's Cup for Endeavour:  Lyla

  • Buffie's Bear:  Lucy & Jemima

  • Spirit Cup:  Grace & Honor

  • Keen Been Trophy:  Juliette

  • Sports Cup: Elena

  • U3 Plate:  Luisa & Anya

  • Golden Girdle:  Bonnie

  • Merit Girdle:  Nora

  • Cup for concern, care & sympathy of others:  Bella

Annual Report

Written by the House Captains:

We would like to start by saying a massive thank you to our Housemistress, Mrs Harris. She has been so incredible over all these years and has supported every single one of us in our endeavours inside or outside the house. We are going to miss her so much next year, but we are all looking forward to welcoming Mrs Hay into the family as our new Head of House.

This has been the perfect year for Mrs Harris to leave us on too as Musgrave has achieved some spectacular results in House competitions. We started off the year with girls taking part in House Netball and Lacrosse, and we won both the Middle School and Senior School Netball competitions, as well as Middle School Lacrosse: incredible work, Games Captains! It didn’t stop there as we went into House Drama, with Katie and Anya directing a phenomenal production, achieving second place overall and winning the prize for Best Technical Team. We were so impressed with the entire house and especially loved seeing the Upper Threes get so involved.

We were on a roll as we went into the Spring Term when the L6 choreographed various gymnastics routines to music with the theme ‘on the move’, with great execution from the gymnasts resulting in an overall win. We would like to give a special mention to the trio, middle school dance and rhythmic who all won their sections with incredible routines. We rounded off the term with two fabulous House Singing performances of Daniel by Elton John, and a specially crafted Queen medley thanks to our amazing Music Captains. We deservedly won the award for Best Arrangement and came in 2nd place overall.

Our final term started off brilliantly, with Musgrave coming 1st in both Senior and Middle School Tennis. Well done to everyone who played! We also came 1st in House Athletics, so it was unsurprising that after such phenomenal performances we won the Folley Cup at the end of the year for the most consistent achievement of any house.

Outside of House competitions, we have raised an impressive £1000 for charities this year, such as the Garden Route Children’s Trust, Abbie’s Army, Against Breast Cancer and Chase through selling breast cancer badges, having cake sales and organising our annual Easter egg hunt.

Our former House Captains, Tamsin and Phoebe, have done so much for the house this year and we would like to give them a massive thank you from all of us. From taking the Upper Threes on bonding trips to always taking part in House competitions, they have had a hugely positive impact and we will really miss them next year.


MUSGRAVE - The Revd. Canon Vernon Musgrave (1831 – 1906)

The Revd. Canon Vernon Musgrave (1831 – 1906) was the Rural Dean and Rector of St Peter’s Church in Hascombe, and Honorary Canon of Winchester.

Vernon Musgrave was one of the original founding committee of the School (also including Merriman, Cubitt and Midleton). The same group of men had successfully founded a school for middle class boys, which opened in

1865 as The Surrey County School and subsequently became Cranleigh School.   In 1883 the committee decided to found a similar school for girls agreeing that “it is desirable to found a Public Boarding School in this district for the Daughters of the Middle Classes, in which there shall be given a sound and liberal Education with Religious teaching and training according to the principles of the Church of England”.

The council, met that year and six acres of flat land was purchased next to Bramley Railway station from Mr Eastwood.  The School opened on 25th September 1885 with 11 boarders and 6 day girls.   The Founders continued to have strong links with the School until their deaths.

Musgrave was educated at Dr Arnold’s Rugby and Trinity College Cambridge where he read Mathematics.  His family’s wealth came particularly from the ownership of land in Cambridge, and by 1881 he had become the main heir and was a wealthy man.  

In 1855 he married Frances, the sister of the Freshfield brothers (the distinguished legal family).   They had 9 children, 4 girls and 5 boys.  While he became a canon of Winchester in 1881, he otherwise devoted 44 years of his ministry to the care of the Parish and neighbourhood of Hascombe, and to St Catherine’s School.

Musgrave was described as having “exquisite charm due to his unselfishness, sympathy and his love of people. He had the power of common things in an uncommon way, living a good life working with others.”

The wonderful oak reredos of the altarpiece designed by Charles Eamer Kempe, and hand-carved in Oberammergau, was given by Canon Musgrave to the Chapel, in memory of his wife Frances in 1903 after her death 2 years earlier. The central panel bears an inscription to her.  

The stained glass window in the Chapel – St Catherine of Alexandra, Virgin and Martyr, was also given in 1902 by the teachers and pupils in memory of Frances Musgrave, bearing testament to her contributions to the School.

In 1908 the Figures of St Peter and St Paul were installed in Chapel in memory of Vernon Musgrave himself who had died in 1906.  These fine figures stand on each side of the altar.  St Peter is the Patron Saint of Hascombe, of which parish Musgrave was rector for forty-four years, and St Paul, represents the fact that St Catherine’s School was a Missionary Guild at the time, and Musgrave had a great interest in the foreign Missions.

Revd Canon Musgrave’s children kept strong links with the School and his youngest daughter Frances Christina Musgrave, remained a Governor for 41 years at the School until 1959. 


  1. Revd Canon Musgrave
  2. Pencil drawing of Musgrave
  3. Vernon and Frances Musgrave with their dog Piper
  4. The reredos in Chapel which Musgrave had carved in memory of his wife.


Charity Events

Musgrave have supported a wide range of charities over the years, from Against Breast Cancer to the Deaf Children’s Society. We also have a long standing connection with the Garden Route Children’s Trust. Last year we raised over £1000 for this wide range of charities through a variety of charitable events. 

This year we will be selling breast cancer badges on St Catherine’s Day, as well as running our annual Easter Egg Hunt, a beloved event by the girls.  We will also run a variety of different cake sales raising money for the Halow project, our charity for this year, which supports young people with learning disabilities in the Guildford area.