Welcome to Musgrave House !

Welcome to Musgrave house! We are thrilled to take our name from the Reverend Canon Vernon Musgrave who was one of the founders of the school and who had the original vision for St Catherine’s in 1883. We see ourselves as a very friendly and enthusiastic house because all our girls look out for one another and put their all into everything they do. We encourage the Musgrave girls to join in, work hard, play hard and have fun at the same time. In whatever school event we take part in, Musgravians make themselves known for their commitment, passion and success.

I am delighted to be joining Musgrave and leading the team this year, and I look forward to working closely with the girls and getting to know them.  We have already had such a positive start to the year with excellent netball and lacrosse results, both of which reflect the girls’ drive and passion for the house.  We also have an amazing Upper 6 cohort this year, as with every year, who lead the house with skill and humour, together with a superb tutor team who encourage the girls to strive for greater heights, to try something new and to support one another unconditionally. The House won the Foley Cup for the best consistent performance across all the House competitions; this is an achievement the House are really proud of and are striving for once again this year!


Mrs Debbie Kitchen - Housemistress




  • Fair Lady:  Big Sister' team

  • Leadership Bear: Louisa & Alice

  • Mrs Collins' Courtesy Award: Rosie R

  • Mrs Silk's Angel Award: Holly H

  •  Work Cup: Bella T

  • U5 Percy Pig Award:  Llinos D

  • Stagg Cup:  Leah T

  • Courage Creativity Award: Not awarded this term

  • Mrs Stortt's Cup for Endeavour: Isabella T

  • Fleming Drama Trophy: Bella P

  • Jamieson Lacrosse Trophy: Chloe T & Lucy G

  • Buffie's Bear: Sienna D

  • Spirit Cup: Emilia B

  • Keen Bean Trophy: Morwenna R

  • Sports Cup: L5 Netball & Lax Teams

  • U3 Plate: Amber B

  • LargeYeo Trophy: Katherine E

  • Golden Girdle: Not awarded this term

  • Merit Girdle: Not awarded this term

  • U3 Merit Badge: Rijul D

  • 4th Form Merit Badge: Mabel B

  • 5th Form Merit Badge: Amy S



  • Fair Lady:  Sienna & Katie

  • Leadership Bear: Juliette

  • Mrs Collins' Courtesy Award: Rosie

  • Mrs Silk's Angel Award: Izzy 

  •  Work Cup: Isabella

  • U5 Percy Pig Award:  Grace / Sally

  • Stagg Cup:  Amy

  • Courage Creativity Award: Tomi

  • Mrs Stortt's Cup for Endeavour: Yana

  • Fleming Drama Trophy: Lucy / Claudia

  • Jamieson Lacrosse Trophy: Madi

  • Buffie's Bear: Amelia

  • Spirit Cup: Jess

  • Keen Bean Trophy: Christina & Honor

  • Sports Cup: Abi

  • U3 Plate: Morwenna

  • LargeYeo Trophy: Nora

  • Golden Girdle: Katherine

  • Merit Girdle: Daisy

  • U3 Merit Badge: Ophelia

  • 4th Form Merit Badge: Georgia

  • 5th Form Merit Badge: Lucy