Welcome to Russell Baker House!

Mrs Russell Baker was a formidable character who served as the Headmistress of St. Catherine’s from 1887 to 1925. I believe that the House today embodies some of her characteristics: resilience, tenacity and a lively sense of humour. On St. Catherine’s Day in November we honour her memory, as the House Captains lay flowers on her grave in Bramley cemetery. This tradition takes place after the Communion service and before the whistle blows for the beginning of House lacrosse competition; I am sure that Mrs Russell Baker would have approved of this reflective moment in a very busy and exciting day.

Russell Baker values, as do all the Houses, the many competitions which take place throughout the year. Whether they are rehearsing for the House Drama in the autumn or signing up for Athletics in the summer, every girl has a role to play and we will encourage their active or supportive participation, whatever their level of skill. These events bring girls of all ages together in one team and help to integrate the Upper Three when they start in September. There is an activity for everyone. 

I know that the girls also value the pastoral support offered by the tutor team and by the other girls; the Sixth Formers act as role models and mentors for the younger years. Our prefects are approachable, fair and encouraging.

I am sure all the girls at St Catherine’s say that theirs is the best House and Russell Baker is no exception.  Above all, I believe that kindness and inclusivity are at the core of RB girls.  We love it when we win, but it is more important to us that everyone has a chance to contribute and compete for the House.   I am thrilled to always have an excuse to add more light blue to my wardrobe, and I wear my RB colours with much pride.

  Mrs Isabel Cook
  Russell Baker Housemistress