Welcome to Stoner House!

Welcome to Stoner! The green house was founded in 1974 and since then staff and girls have been dedicated to maintaining the Stoner House ethos. Within the house we encourage all girls to get involved in sports teams, informal concerts, quizzes and drama productions; there really is something for everyone! The sixth form House Captains and Prefects pride themselves on getting to know all members of the house and their roles within the house are allocated according to their own strengths. They lead by example in all areas and really give the younger members of the house someone to look up to.

Together with getting involved our main aim in Stoner is to have fun together and the friendly nature of the house encourages this. I am certainly proud of everything that the Stoner girls achieve and am thrilled to be part of the team!

  Mrs Simone Berry

Staff & Officers


  • Housemistress: Mrs Simone Berry
  • Upper 4 Tutor: Mr James Reed
  • Upper 3 and Lower 4 Tutor: Miss Marjorie Kerleau
  • Assistant Tutors: Miss Katy Brooke

House Officers

  • House Captains: Katie and Amelia 
  • Vice Captain House and Drama Prefect: Amelia 
  • Drama Prefect: Charlotte 
  • Games Captain: Flora 
  • Music Prefect: Morgan and Corinne 
  • Public Speaking Prefect: Annabel 
  • Art Prefect: Elle and Phoebe
  • PR Prefect & Photography: Alex
  • Charity Prefect:  Lucy and Katrina
  • New Girl Prefect: Ore 
  • 4th Form Prefect: Aleezah 

Previous House Captains

  • 2018 - 2019: Lizzie and Catriona
  • 2017 - 2018: Connie and Libby
  • 2016 - 2017: Amy and Helena
  • 2015 - 2016: Natasha and Katie
  • 2014 - 2015: Julia and Bella
  • 2013 - 2014: Georgia and Emily
  • 2012 - 2013: Alice and Katie
  • 2011 - 2012: Laura and Isabelle




  • Golden Girdle: Francesca

  • Merit Girdle: Grace

  • Frog & Duck (Most enthusiastic U3): Eva

  • Drew Cup (House Spirit in Middle School): Mollie

  • Work Cup (senior): Grace,Jo Jo, Erica

  • Work Cup (middles) : Mia

  • Cobbles (Highest Commendeds): Emma

  • William Bear (House Spirit in Seniors): Tabby

  • Rose Bowl (Awarded by House Captains): U3
  • Small Flower Plate (Most Helpful): Anna
  • Middle Progress Cup: Zoe
  • Senior Progress: Ella
  • Ex-Curricular Award: Amaya
  • Courage Dragon: Ellie
  • Stoner Princess of the term: Lola
  • Mrs Bank’s Star Pupil Award: Emily
  • Digby Stoner Gem: Hana
  • Merit Circle U3 : Perla
  • Merit bar 4ths: Elise
  • Merit Shield 5ths : Sarah



  • Golden Girdle: Sarah

  • Merit Girdle: Isy

  • Frog & Duck (Most enthusiastic U3): Jess

  • Progress in U3: Georgia

  • Drew Cup (House Spirit in Middle School): Poppy

  • Work Cup (senior): Sarah, Emma

  • Work Cup (middles) : Caitlin,Honor

  • Cobbles (Highest Commendeds): Annabel

  • William Bear (House Spirit in Seniors): Vicky

  • Rose Bowl (Awarded by House Captains): L6
  • Small Flower Plate (Most Helpful): Zara
  • Middle Progress Cup: Alice
  • Senior Progress: Vivian
  • Ex-Curricular Award: Olivia
  • Courage Dragon: Annie
  • Stoner Princess of the term: Grace
  • Mrs Bank’s Star Pupil Award: Emily
  • Digby Stoner Gem: Zoe
  • Merit Circle U3 : Carina
  • Merit bar 4ths: Mollie
  • Merit Shield 5ths : Hattie


  • Golden Girdle: Izzy

  • Merit Girdle: Amy

  • Frog & Duck (Most enthusiastic U3): Alice

  • Progress in U3: Carina

  • Drew Cup (House Spirit in Middle School): Maddie,Elise,Aishwari

  • Work Cup (senior): Izzy,Emilia,Sofya,Kate,Anna,Sarah

  • Work Cup (middles) : Honor

  • Cobbles (Highest Commendeds): Emma

  • William Bear (House Spirit in Seniors): Sofya

  • Rose Bowl (Awarded by House Captains): 6th Form
  • Small Flower Plate (Most Helpful): Isy
  • Middle Progress Cup: Bella
  • Senior Progress: Cat
  • Ex-Curricular Award: Olivia
  • Courage Dragon: Izzy
  • Stoner Princess of the term: Lottie
  • Mrs Bank’s Star Pupil Award: Katherine
  • Digby Stoner Gem: Lizzy & Cat
  • Merit Circle U3 : Emma
  • Merit bar 4ths: Emily
  • Merit Shield 5ths : Kate


  • Golden Girdle: Hattie

  • Merit Girdle: Serena

  • Frog & Duck (Most enthusiastic U3): Emma

  • Progress in U3: Polina

  • Drew Cup (House Spirit in Middle School): Honor

  • Work Cup (senior): Sofya, Anna, Tabby

  • Work Cup (middles) : Ayo, Bella, Jess, Emma

  • Cobbles (Highest Commendeds): Honor

  • William Bear (House Spirit in Seniors): Sarah

  • Rose Bowl (Awarded by House Captains): L5s
  • Small Flower Plate (Most Helpful): Anna
  • Middle Progress Cup: Kristin
  • Senior Progress: Francesca
  • Ex-Curricular Award: Gemma
  • Courage Dragon: Holly
  • Stoner Princess of the term: Flora
  • Mrs Bank’s Star Pupil Award: Jess
  • Digby Stoner Gem: Rhiannon
  • Merit Circle U3 : Immie
  • Merit bar 4ths: Erica
  • Merit Shield 5ths : Molly

Annual Report

Written by Stoner House Captains

Stoner has had another successful year, with multiple successes throughout the year in a large variety of house competitions. Autumn Term signified the start of the school year, bringing house drama rehearsals. The plays this year were centred around the theme of “What happened next?” and each House had to write and perform a play based on what happened at the end of a Roald Dahl’s story. Stoner’s book was ‘Danny, the Champion of the World’. We were absolutely delighted to win first place in the overall competition with special mentions going to Francesca, and Flora for their incredibly impressive performances in the main roles. Huge thanks also go to Cat, Lizzy (House Captains 2018-2019) and Alicia (Drama Prefect) for writing such an inspiring play and we congratulate them on their success!

In addition to the intense preparations for House Drama, with rehearsals throughout the term, the girls also had the opportunity to participate in House Netball, playing matches most weeks. The various successes in the Autumn Term were accompanied by Stoner’s triumph in the House Lacrosse competition on St Catherine’s Day. It was a nerve-wracking day as the Senior Stoner team has now won the competition for several years in a row. We were once again delighted to receive first place in the Senior competition and third in the Middle School competition. The Lacrosse competition and St Catherine’s Day also brought the annual Stoner U5 charity hot chocolate sale, raising £600 for charity.

The Spring Term brought the House Gym and Singing competitions would. Rehearsals started immediately to allow enough time for the L6 to teach the younger years their various gym routines based on the theme of ‘Geography’, with Stoner being allocated ‘Weather’. All of our routines were choreographed excellently by the L6. The girls all word incredibly hard to perfect their routines and special mentions should go to the Aerobics team which came first again and the Trio who were awarded the Roberts Cup for courage. When not rehearsing for gym, the House was busy preparing for the House Singing competition. This year each house was allocated an Elton John song, which for Stoner was ‘Rocket man’. We also chose to perform The Weather Girls’ song ‘It’s Raining Men’ as our second song. The songs were outstandingly arranged by the House Music Prefect, Lottie. The House Captains made the practices fun and we were thrilled to be placed third overall.

Summer Term started and proved itself to be just as busy with ongoing House Rounders and Tennis competitions – congratulations to anyone who participated in these events, and to the Games Captains Honour and Nathalie (Middle School) and Flora (Senior School) for organising the teams. We ended the year with a really enjoyable House Athletics and House Swimming competitions and the whole House enjoyed a great house picnic in the sun at lunch time.

It has been a riveting year and it’s clear that the members of Stoner have thoroughly enjoyed participating in events wherever possible and supporting each other in the various House and Charity events. From our various fundraising events throughout the year, we have been able to raise over £1,100 which has been divided amongst various charities, such as Wildlife Vets International, British Heart Foundation, Chase Hospice, and Samaritans.

At the end of the year we had to say a very sad goodbye to Miss Cox, a prominent member of our wonderful tutor team consisting of Mrs Berry, Miss Cox, Mr Reed and Miss Kerleau. Thank you so much to the U6 team who led us through such a successful year, especially to the House Captains, Cat and Lizzy. You have left an amazing legacy and we’ll try our best to continue it. We wish you the best of luck for the future!


STONER – Miss Celia Stoner (1910-1981)

In January 1947 Miss Celia Elizabeth Stoner was appointed the 4th Headmistress of St Catherine’s School, succeeding the 21 year tenure of Miss Agatha Symes.

Having studied French at Reading University she went on to teach at the Royal School, Bath, which was located at Longleat House during the war, and Marlborough College.  Their Master’s Prize Day Speech tells us that…..

"Miss Stoner is going to a responsible post in a girls` school; we have been fortunate indeed to have so expert a teacher of French and I am specially grateful to her, for it must have been rather an ordeal to plunge into a wilderness of trousers. However, if I may without impropriety adapt a metaphor, she has come through the ordeal with flying skirts and I wish her all success in her new appointment. Long may they fly!"

At St Catherine’s she is well-known for guiding the School through the post- war years of recovery and expansion.  Her task was to improve the accommodation and increase the numbers again.  The number of days girls began swiftly to overtake the boarders : the roll in 1951 was 102 boarders and 234 day girls.  

With the Governors she purchased Church House (opposite the main school) in 1949 which became the Junior Department and is now the Prep School; and in 1954 they purchased the Warren, the neo-Gothic villa on the western boundary of the School, now a 6th form Boarding House.   The late 1950s and 60s saw much building activity too, with a gymnasium and an open air swimming pool (the very same pool now in the Anniversary Halls), a new dining room which could seat 330.  Miss Stoner also introduced two very popular school dances a year – one with Cranleigh School and one with Christ’s Hospital.

Miss Stoner was believed to have lost a fiancé in WW2, and that she wore a ring on her engagement finger each Remembrance Day.  Sue Makhzangi (Alumna 1975 :née Parry) looked after Miss Stoner at Mount Alvernia in her last days and also remembers being a pupil on Miss Stoner's last day as Head and remembers that Miss Stoner came in to her last assembly wearing dark glasses and all those present were in tears.  Rosemary Christopher (Alumna 1960 :née Munn) remembers her coming into assembly each day wearing her gown, and lining up outside her study at the end of each term when she saw every girl in the school on their own for a few minutes.

She retired to Elstead, where she continued to edit the Old Girl magazine for several years.  She was passionate about the Old Girls and first mooted the idea of an Association for alumnae.  She would be delighted to have seen its launch in 2002.

Miss Celia Stoner died on 28th May 1981 and her funeral service was held in the Chapel on 5th June followed by a service of thanksgiving in Guildford Cathedral.  Her ashes are buried in an unmarked spot in Elstead churchyard.  A plaque in her memory was placed on the south wall of chapel. 

Charity Events

Stoner girls enjoy supporting each other by participating in a variety of House Charity events. Last year we raised over £1,100 from a variety of fundraising events. These included our annual Hot Chocolate Sale on St Catherine’s day and several cake sales. The money raised was divided amongst various charities, such as Wildlife Vets International, British Heart Foundation, Chase Hospice, and the Samaritans.

We are looking forward to running more events this year and are already planning the Hot Chocolate sale and a Bonfire Night Cake sale.