Boarding life

Boarders are fully immersed in life at St Catherine’s, with so many opportunities for ‘work, rest and play’. The Sixth Form Boarding House is run by Mrs Jackie 
Street, along with her boarding team of resident House Tutors. Together, they aim to ensure you feel welcome and that you enjoy a home-from-home  experience. 

Sixth Form boarding offers an enormous number of benefits and is a very popular option because it is a great transition between school and university. Current day girls often opt into boarding when they enter the Sixth Form and new girls join us from the UK and abroad. Boarders enjoy a wider range of freedoms in the Sixth Form, based on mutual respect and trust. Resident boarding staff enjoy their roles, ensuring there is always the right level of support and structure at this important time. We asked girls what they like about boarding in the Sixth Form. They all agree the opportunity to make friends and be a part of a close-knit community are compelling reasons but there are others!

Time saved is a huge bonus, with easy access to sports, drama, art and music facilities before school and into the evening as well as more time in which to study. Boarders can choose to work in their rooms during study periods or in the Speech Hall Library, known affectionately as ‘the SHLib’, which is open late and at weekends.

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"I love how supportive all of the staff are with helping to get the best out of us! They genuinely want the best for you and will go above and beyond to help you reach your potential."

Georgina, Boarder


"The facilities in The 6 are all very new and the bathrooms are much cleaner than I expected. There is lots of storage space and it's really easy to keep the room warm in winter, and I really enjoy watching movies in the Common Room and Snugs."

Deborah, Boarder


"The music department is amazing and includes both contemporary and classical music for everyone to enjoy. The music rooms are great fun to practise in with friends."

Hailey, Boarder


"I love the feeling of independence and freedom in The 6, with support from teachers."

Olivia, Boarder


"The amount of freedom we get as Sixth Formers is just right to prepare us for university."

Alison, Boarder


"The A-level classes are small. The lessons are therefore heavily discussion based and I am able to obtain individual time with teachers very easily."

Sophie, Boarder


"St Cat’s offers many great opportunities such as offering students to attend public lectures, organising London Network events (careers events with alumnae and parents) and supporting us in super-curricular activities."

Siqi, Boarder


"Uni visits made me realise how comfortable and clean and nice The 6 is!"

Deborah, Boarder


"I value the support the school gives through adversity you are trying to overcome and I would also shout about the sports St Cat’s offers, we have the best sports staff."

Georgia, Boarder


"I really like how many opportunities there are in Sixth Form to take on roles of responsibility. Everyone gets some kind of leadership/prefect role and there are further opportunities within the house and boarding. Everyone really comes into their own and it is such a good way to develop and grow as a person."

Grace, Boarder


"I really enjoy the extra independence that boarding in The 6 has given me. I have far more time in the evenings, meaning I can do homework and relax with friends."

Emma, Boarder


"I love the supportive environment in the The 6 and the boarding house staff and the people around me. Everyone is really nice and always ready to help. I feel safe and supported."

Solange, Boarder