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"St Catherine's is an independent school in all respects. There's a freedom here, despite the high academic expectations. Educating the girls fully is our priority, and if that means going beyond the confines of the syllabus, bring it on! There's a freedom to think, to teach and to learn here. I like that.”

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What the Inspectors say

Our recent inspection report 

We were very proud of the findings of the inspectors from the Independent Schools Inspectorate in October 2016 who deemed the School to be excellent in all areas.

Click here to view the full version of our Inspection report.

Perhaps the concluding remark sums up best of all what a St. Catherine’s education is all about:

By the time they leave school, they are able to think critically, have high aspirations and a self-belief that there are few things that they cannot achieve.


Comments from our recent Quality Assurance visit by ISTip (February 2018), the awarding body we use for our NQT programme:

Statutory induction at St Catherine’s School remains a beacon of best practice. The process is carried out with commitment, enthusiasm and great care. The school considers the training of its new teachers and the development of its staff to be a priority and this ethos is embedded into the induction of the NQTs.

There are several ways in which the school demonstrates best practice, perhaps the main one being the commitment to the process amply demonstrated by NQTs and ITs alike.

The quality of the evidence gathered by NQTs….is some of the best I have ever seen.


What current staff say

“The thing I enjoy the most is working with the girls"

 “St Catherine’s is embracing of the now with a rooting in the past, providing both a foundation and stability”

 “We are privileged to have a real sense of history with a rich heritage” 

“The School is well-rounded, with a rich tapestry of opportunities for girls and staff”

“St Catherine’s is a family school. The presence of the boarding community strengthens this feeling, but it is all pervasive. It's not just cool to be clever at St Catherine’s; it's cool to be kind.”

“What's striking about St Cat’s is the confidence of the girls and their willingness to step up and try something new or challenging, and to pull it off with aplomb! This chutzpah is infectious”

“Staff and the girls are forward-thinking of technology”