Girls take a break to celebrate Autumn beneath their much-loved horse chestnut tree.
LIII enjoying their street dance lessons.
Alumna Millie (2020) hasn’t let lockdown in her University Hall of Residence in Durham get her down. She’s run a marathon with friends - lapping their 15 metre landing 2,800 times and raising £2,000 for Help Musicians UK.
Boarders enjoying pumpkin carving in the run up to Half Term and Halloween
Bringing Colour to Life! - PP1 mix primary colours
Girls returning to fitness with coaching from our specialist teachers.
So proud to feature in the Good Schools Guide to the UK's Best Boarding Schools - the girls aged 11-14 are certainly enjoying their refurbished bedrooms and common rooms in Bronte and Symes.
Let’s celebrate with harvest cheer! The Prep School girls perform poems and music amongst resplendent decorations, kindly donated by the PTA.
World Mental Health Day 2020 – nourishing the mind, body and spirit at St Catherine’s.
St Catherine’s Prep girls reconnecting after lockdown reflections; we are unique but we all make one school!
The rhythm of life - Pre-Prep girls listening to their hearts beat. Medics of the future?
Boarders take aim laser 'clayser' clay pigeon shooting at the weekend
Alex (Year of 2020 and current Gappy) has been chosen to represent England in the U23 Squad, for a second year. Head of Lacrosse Emily Gray and PE Teacher Emilie Chandler have also been selected for the Senior World Cup Training squad.
PPI enjoying the Cottage Garden
Miss Jefford with PPI ready to start a new day
Nothing stops a St Cat’s girl … making up for Activities Week with an off-timetable day of fun activities, bonding and much need restorative laughter.
PPI Ribbon Dancing
You made it! There were over 135 cakes for our Great Cake Bake - thanks for celebrating our 135th Birthday!
An impressive summer of achievements for Thalia. From designing her own website about Covid, to presenting it within a Cambridge University online tutorial series, to an internship with cell coding company bit-bio!
Upper II girls share some of the languages they speak as part of the Prep School celebrations for the European Day of Languages.
In the world renowned Tatler Schools Guide 2021, St Catherine’s is described as having found “the magic formula,” with a reputation for excellence academically and pastorally.
Science in action - investigating the effect of friction on different surfaces.
All the teaching staff are immensely proud of each girl’s GCSE success – congratulations from us all.
The year of 2020 will always be remembered for their courage, strength and resilience. Congratulations to them all on their A Level success and their outstanding university places.
U3-U4 students were very creative in their remote lessons and continued to create beautiful work.